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2017 Eurobasket Summer League Preview by Eurobasket highlight video
2016 Orlando Eurobasket Summer League Saturday Results - Jul 1, 2016

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D.J. Mason
The 2016 Orlando Eurobasket Summer League opened up the July 2nd with our Skills and Athleticism portions of the combine. There will be two sessions. The first session started at 11:00 AM at Official Orlando Magic Recreation Center, the South Econ Recreation Center. The second session started at 2:30 PM at the South Econ Recreation Center. The groups and sessions are listed below.

Skill Tests and Drills Performed:

Shooting: Spot up (Mid Range and 3's), Dribble Pull Ups, Shots of Screens, Post Work

Athleticism: Vertical Jump, 3/4 Sprints, Full Court Sprints, Lane Agility, and Lateral Speed

Situational: 3 on 2, 2 on 1 Transition, Miami Transition, One on One defense, and 3 on 3 competition

Session 1

Top performers in each category by Group.

3/4 Sprint Speed:
A Javon Price (190-G) 2.38 sec
B Chris Dixon (184-PG) 3.06 sec
C James Cambronne (201-F, college: St.Michael's) 2.4 sec
D Chris Goodloe (191-G-91) 3.07 sec
1 Damon Bates (185-G) 2.3 sec
2 Solomon Poole (183-PG-94) 2.91 sec
3 Antonio Hester (198-F-90, college: Mobile, AL) 2.49 sec
4 Jamel Pettiway (193-G) 2.87 sec

Full Court Sprint Speed:
A Javon Price 6.6 sec
B Timothy Haggie (183-PG) 7.53 sec
C James Cambronne 7.1 sec
D Chris Goodloe 7.69 sec
1 Chris Elder (180-PG-89, college: St.Francis, IL) 6.75 sec
2 Shema Sabiiti (198-F-93) 7.25 sec
3 Antonio Hester 6.89 sec
4 Jamel Pettiway 7.43 sec

Lane Agility
A Javon Price 9.07 sec
B Timothy Haggie 9.09 sec
C James Cambronne 9.46 sec
D Braxton Ford (185-G) 10.06 sec
1 Jeremy Ford (180-PG-90) 9.5 sec
2 Emmanuel Tiluscar (193-G/F-91) 9.68 sec
3 Kevin Thomas (203-F-92, college: Troy) 8.97 sec
4 Brandon Mosley 9.56 sec

Lane Slides
2 Quinton Marshall (196-F) 46
4 Kedric Cole 43

Vertical Jump
A Quaderrick Shaw (191-G-93) 33 inches
B Kelvin Goodwin (183-PG) 30 inches
C James Cambronne and Garrett Naughton (201-F-91, college: Barry) 30 inches
D Elliott Glegg (180-PG-93) and Jermaine Williams (170-PG-92) 30 inches
1 Damon Bates 33 inches
2 Solomon Poole 33 inches
3 Lonnie Robinson (188-G-86) 35 inches
4 Brandon Mosley and Aaron Jackson 34 inches

3 Point FG %
A Jordan Montgomery (198-G) 52%
2 Solomon Poole and Eric Robertson (193-G-94) 76%
3 Jacquez Rozier (201-F-93, college: Middle Tenn.St.) 64%
4 Jorge Vasquez 56%

One Dribble FG%
A Quaderrick Shaw and Jackson Trapp (193-G) 64%
B Antonio Topps (185-G-88) and Timothy Haggie 80%
C David Baety (198-F) 64%
D Sid Lee 76%
1 Javier Gonzalez (180-PG-88) and Montel Williams (183-PG) 68%

Shots off Screens
A Robert Hueston (193-G) 80%
D Braxton Ford and Sid Lee 86%
4 Jorge Vasquez and Joseph Barbour 66%

Mid Range FG

Post Work
3 Chris Hines (203-F-87, college: Alabama) 66%

Men's Group A

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVert3FG%Drib FG %Scrn FG%
10Robert Hueston (193-G)2.47 sec6.9 sec9.84 sec393032%40%80%
13Quaderrick Shaw (191-G-93)2.69 sec7.13 sec9.87 sec413344%64%73%
22Jackson Trapp2.72 sec6.94 sec9.38 sec422744%64%60%
56Jordan Montgomery2.62 sec6.91 sec9.52 sec403252%40%60%
59Turio Tumblin (193-F, college: Le Moyne-Owen)2.59 sec7.13 sec10.38 sec373144%36%7%
17Javon Price2.38 sec6.6 sec9.07 sec432940%52%53%
46Raymond Taylor (168-PG-90, college: FIU)2.53 sec7.09 sec9.59 sec402444%56%40%

Men's Group B

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVert3 FG%Drib FG %Scrn FG%
4Antonio Topps3.25 sec8.35 sec10.59 sec392844%80%93%
12Timothy Haggie3.07 sec7.53 sec9.09 sec462964%80%66%
15Javarius Gay (185-G)3.15 sec8.16 sec10.56 sec432844%40%33%
26Chris Dixon3.06 sec7.88 sec10.25 sec422844%68%73%
37Christian Burggraf (188-G-93)3.1 sec8.13 sec10.62 sec372560%64%46%
00Kelvin Goodwin2.94 sec7.84 sec10.57 sec423052%68%60%

Men's Group C

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVertMR FG%3 FG %Post/Drib FG%
61Xavier Kelley2.53 sec7.85 sec11.09 sec372260%32%52%D
64David Baety2.52 sec7.22 sec9.84 sec402676%56%64%D
69Fred Mattison (201-F)2.75 sec7.41 sec9.72 sec352532%24%60%P
72James Cambronne2.4 sec7.1 sec9.46 sec423064%72%86%P
75Darius Morales (206-F/C-90, college: Armstr.Atlantic)2.6 sec7.12 sec10.72 sec372852%40%93%P
87Garrett Naughton2.82 sec7.29 sec9.77 sec393052%52%56%D
60D.J. Mason (198-F-94)2.66 sec7.22 sec10.60 sec4128NA56%44%D

Men's Group D

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVert3 FGDrib FG%Scrn FG %
24Braxton Ford3.19 sec8.22 sec10.06 sec392864%64%86%
47Elliott Glegg3.12 sec8.25 sec10.41 sec403056%68%73%
88Sid Lee3.34 sec8.78 sec10.78 sec362248%76%86%
3Jermaine Williams3.1 sec7.87 sec10.69 sec403064%64%73%
82Chris Goodloe3.07 sec7.69 sec10.13 sec462960%64%60%
19Trae Johnson (193-SG-83)3.28 sec8.47 sec10.93 sec402716%40%20%

Men's Group 1

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVert3 FG%Drib FG%ScrnFG %
11Jeremy Ford2.4 sec6.88 sec9.5 sec402260%48%73%
27Javier Gonzalez2.5 sec7.35 sec9.59 sec413036%68%73%
38Chris Elder2.66 sec6.75 sec9.59 sec442652%56%80%
44Kendrick Atwood (G)2.59 sec6.80 sec9.68 sec423056%64%66%
50Damon Bates2.3 sec7.03 sec9.72 sec403340%52%40%
18Avery Hall2.59 sec6.97 sec10.06 sec393036%52%53%
9Montel Williams2.65 sec7.16 sec10.47 sec402456%68%80%

Men's Group 2

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVert3 FG%Drib FG %Scrn FG%
5Shema Sabiiti2.97 sec7.25 sec10.16 sec322936%56%66%
8Solomon Poole2.91 sec7.57 sec10.12 sec403376%64%73%
55Quinton Marshall3.07 sec7.84 sec9.72 sec462740%76%46%
57Emmanuel Tiluscar3.15 sec8.19 sec9.68 sec402756%64%53%
67Brandon Carpenter3.15 sec8.34 sec10.5 sec402660%76%53%
96Eric Robertson3.25 sec8.16 sec9.82 sec402676%68%73%

Men's Group 3

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVertMR FG%3 FG %Post/Drib FG%
51Chris Hines3.00 sec8.25 sec10.69 sec382668%60%66%P
58Jacquez Rozier2.79 sec7.21 sec9.25 sec442956%64%56%D
62Antonio Hester2.49 sec6.89 sec9.56 sec433272%60%72%D
65Roy Larzo2.59 sec7.09 sec10.25 sec403132%28%36%D
66Lonnie Robinson2.6 sec7.23 sec9.97 sec443560%48%60%D
68Kevin Thomas2.68 sec7.01 sec8.97 sec473252%36%48%D
73Will Fields3.37 sec8.58 sec12.78 sec301928%48%53%P

Men's Group 4

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVert3 FG%Drib FG%ScrnFG %
31Jorge Vasquez3.13 sec8.09 sec10.08 sec382956%40%66%
35Jamel Pettiway2.87 sec7.43 sec10.37 sec393140%68%53%
41Brandon Mosley3.0 sec7.68 sec9.56 sec413432%36%53%
43Aaron Jackson3.03 sec7.62 sec10.31 sec423444%40%53%
45Joseph Barbour3.06 sec7.91 sec11.81 sec323048%44%66%
83Magtco Moise3.75 sec8.31 sec10.53 sec402548%40%46%
79Kedric Cole3.15 sec8.09 sec10.34 sec432944%52%46%


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