Testimonials of Past Players for Eurobasket, ESL, and Dustin Simcox - January 17, 2017
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Eurobasket.com, the Eurobasket Summer League, Dustin Simcox, and the entire WCL Sports Management Team takes great pride in the quality of work they provide their players. Hear it from the players themselves on how Eurobasket.com and WCL Sports Management remains the leader in International Basketball.

Men's Testimonials

'So far my experience with Dustin has been one to remember. With his ability to connect with players in a friendly and understanding manner I would suggest him to anyone that is looking to take their talents to the next level. Dustin gave me some insight that I had no clue about prior to this event, while we were playing the coach of our team said very little but the little he said made me take the game in a totally different perspective which I loved. With the help of Jelany he gave me tips on to how I can elevate my game to the next level which thats what its all about! I've been to one more exposure camp prior to Dustin's and I can tell you it wasn't set up like this at ALL from the first day with the testing of athleticism and drills really got engaging to the games the next day! Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff really has the players best interest at heart and it works for both parties!' Keith M. Jacksonville Univ

'The WCL/EUROBASKET event was the best experience & event I have encountered to this point. I say I would put WCL/EUROBASKET ahead of everything I have done to this point. It's mostly the people within WCL/EUROBASKET that elevates the agency ahead of anyone to me. It is the intensity within the camps, the support, the knowledge, and it boosts your confidence just attending. Dustin & the WCL/EUROBASKET staff are awesome. I love WCL/EUROBASKET overall & the combines I have been to. Everything is professional, helpful & they are all supportive. WCL/EUROBASKET has a great team, I'm grateful to attend your events. I am thankful for all WCL/EUROBASKET efforts put forth for everyone who is chasing their dreams. I definitely would recommend.' Marcus M., Vegas Combine

'My experience with Dustin & the WCL/EUROBASKET Staff has been more than great. I think they all really do look out for the best interest of the players. I think associating myself with the staff & Dustin that they will really get me a job playing overseas. Also I have already recommended Dustin & the WCL/EUROBASKET staff to about 3 other players that I know who are needing help to get overseas. The WCL/EUROBASKET events are way better than the other combines that I have attended. Exposure wise & just overall organization. ' Cameron C., Missouri Southern St

'My experience with the Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff has been great all around. Everybody shows there passion and puts forth there best efforts to help players try to get to the next level. This is the best camp hands down.' Antonio T., Texas A&M Corpus Christi

'My experience with Dustin as well as the entire staff has been excellent in terms of communication and the general understanding of how this process works. I would definitely recommend this agency to other prospective professional players because of the level of professionalism they take. It is tough to find people who are genuinely passionate about their job and helping people out, but that isn't the case at all with Dustin and the rest of his staff. I have attended one other exposure came and it is like night and day difference between the two. The combine that Whitecox & Lyons puts on is by far the best one I have been to or heard about. The organization, professionalism, and the relationships they build with their clients is truly something special.' Fred W., Madonna Univ, Chicago Combine

'The combine was amazing from my perspective, I believe everyone got an equal opportunity to showcase their talent and the feedback and motivation we got from you guys was astonishing. You guys are doing an unbelievable job and I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone. Thanks for a great experience.' -Andrew T, Tabor

'I had a good experience with Dustin & WCL/EuroBasket Staff, they opened my eyes & mind to more knowledge about the game and things that goes into being recruited by teams from overseas. These guys showed me how to be professional on the court but most importantly how to stay professional so I can give myself the best opportunity to be recruited. Yes, I would recommend WCL/Eurobasket to players, so they can help someone else in need' Josh C., Atlanta 2016

'I thought Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff did a tremendous job of communicating effectively what they expected of each player. They were honest about what to expect during the signing period, highly professional and organized, in addition to be knowledgeable about the game of basketball. I like that Dustin and his staff are both young but simultaneously experienced, they're willing to work hard to become the best and are able to relate well to the players! I look forward to representing and being represented by Dustin his team!' Chandler H., Washington

'My experience with Dustin has been great. The information they send out in the emails are very complete and you can tell they know what they're doing. The staff from WCL/EUROBASKET that I met at the combine also we're great to work with. Your agency is very professional and I would definitely recommend you to other players.' Antoine H., MSU Billings

'What I enjoyed most about the combine structure was the environment and was able to get comfortable quick. I went in assuming it was going to be a quiet gym and the staff just writing down our times and everyone trying to get theirs. That wasn't the case, the WCL/EUROBASKET staff makes a loud family atmosphere encouraging everyone on during agility drills, shooting and also games. My experience with Dustin has been great. He's communicated with me very often and has explained the process of everything perfectly. His knowledge, passion and ability to connect with players is what makes him the best at what he does. He's put me in a great position of making my dreams come true. I would recommend anyone trying to pursue a professional career to work with Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff.' Jordan D., Evergreen State

'My experience has been exceptional. The communication is consistent and I get replies in a timely manner. The staff know what they are talking about and I look forward to getting an overseas job through you guys.' Tshyrad O., Concordia Univ

'The WCL/EUROBASKET staff is great, all you guys are awesome and knowledgable, know how to motivate and teach at the same time.', R. Ellingsworth, Shoreline College

'My experience has definitely been a 5 out of 5 so far. The communication has been good and honestly felt personal not just a typed out message sent to everyone and just the overall combine was well put together. I would definitely recommend Dustin to anyone looking to go overseas or just go to a combine. The WCL/EUROBASKET events were much better than the other combine I attended over the summer because of the way it was setup and also how many people it was.' Quincy B.

'The WCL/EUROBASKET staff was awesome! Everyone was very motivational and professional. When coaching us during the scrimmages they were knowledgeable of the game and their communication throughout the combine was abundant! I would recommend the WCL/EUROBASKET staff to other players who want to pursue their basketball career.' John L., Las Vegas Combine

'The combine was very good and well organized, definitely a great atmosphere. I have only communicated with Dustin. Very good guy, very professional. I have already recommended him to a few players. This is the most organized event I have been too, very professional with all players.' Brandon T., Dallas

'The experience was great. I've never been to a european camp as well organized as you guys. You put the camp and I really felt that I was trying out for an NBA team or already playing overseas. The whole camp together was amazing I wouldnt change anything you guys have going on. Also I would recommend the camp to someone in a heart beat and also come back myself for more exposure. Phenomenal organization and staff I couldnt ask for better coaching and exposure as you guys did for me there at the camp. I wouldnt change a single thing!.' Jerome Y, Las Vegas Combine

'I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the combine, I admired your organization and professionalism in giving every member of the camp a fair chance in competing, which is something I'm sure everyone who attends your events can conquer. I feel like communication with you, and your organizations has been great. You were very thorough in response to me prior to the event and are very easy to talk too and always willing to answer questions or concerns.' Lloyd K, Atlanta 2016

' I enjoyed the combine, it was a nice experience to see where I stand compared to other bigs/players in my situation. It's been a great experience overall with Dustin, professional communication and overall relationship throughout the combine and afterwards.' Uros L, Los Angeles

'My experience with Dustin has been nothing but rewarding. He has been the most professional agent that I have dealt with in my experience in trying to transition onto the pro level!' Terrez S., Western New Mexico

' I've attended two prior pro exposure camps, both being for the D-League, and both of them can't even match up close with WCL/EUROBASKET's combine tryouts. Coming into the WCL/EUROBASKET combine, I was in pretty decent shape, strength and cardio wise…so I thought. You guys pushed me to breaking points both mentally and physically, and then made us perform in our 5 on 5 games. Which is something if I was a coach, would be looking at to see how does a player respond when facing an immediate obstacle. To be honest I enjoyed that challenge and embraced it, instead of turning it into an excuse.' Malcolm W., Philly 2015 Combine

'WCL/EUROBASKET is one of a kind. I've been to others and they were nothing like this. WCL/EUROBASKET is well organized and very structured. The WCL/EUROBASKET combine proves why it's #1.' Adrian W. Huntingdon

'My experiences with Dustin and the WCL staff has been a good one I really appreciate the straight-forwardness and the fact that you guys keep it 100. That way things are alot easier because everything is out in the open from the beginning. That helps to eliminate any confusion and false expectations and by being an honest dude I really do appreciate that.'
--William W, Philadelphia

'I love you guys! I have faith that I will get a job with you guys and that I will fulfill my end of the bargain and I like that you keep it real, there is no point to BS anything and that is what I appreciate. I want this relationship to go to the moon!', Jerome G., Grand Canyon Univ

'I believe Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff are great. It is apparent that they have a lot of knowledge of what they are doing. Also, they communicate well with everyone and provide us with the information needed in our current process. It is known that they are making a living for themselves in this career path that they have chosen, but I believe that they want the best for each and every one of us, as well. I can tell solely from how hard they were pushing us to perform at our best.' Larry T, Birmingham Southern

'Yes I enjoyed the combine it was a nice two day event that explored all aspects of my game. There was nothing that I did not like about the camp, everything went smooth. Dustin has been awesome with answering my questions and giving feedback when asked knowing he has so many other people to help. Dustin is very professional he handled the camp very well making sure everyone felt welcomed. Yes I would recommend other players to Dustin because I know he will give them the same chance I received.' Dwaun S., Chicago

'My experience with Dustin WCL/EUROBASKET/Eurobasket Staff is awesome, great communication, knowledge, professionalism, and organization. Everything is on point. Yes, I would recommend it to everyone that's looking to continue there basketball career. I've been to an All-American JUCO showcase and WCL/EUROBASKET/Eurobasket is totally different. WCL/EUROBASKET/Eurobasket required drills to show off our athleticism rather than only just letting us scrimmage.' Christian H., Atlanta Combine

'The other camp I attended is not even close to Dustin's camp. I attended one before and it was really bad actually terrible. It gave me a bad taste about exposure camps but Dustin was contacting me for a while about his combines and I said I will try it. However, I found it much better than that other one I attend.' Jonathan T., Los Angeles

'Overall experience with Dustin & WCL/EUROBASKET staff has been exceptional since I first got a letter and email from him. Although this was my first camp ever he has still kept in touch and kept me updated even after a years time. I have already recommended them to other players and will continue if they keep it up.' Terrance H., Southern Wesleyan

'I feel the professionalism and courtesy from WCL/EUROBASKET has been beyond exceptional. I appreciate the update responses in regards to the teams having an interest in myself and possibly wanting to sign me. I would definitely recommend WCL/EUROBASKET to any athlete who aspires to go pro.' Josh M., Richard Bland College

'I would definitely recommend Dustin to any player that is trying to pursue their pro career because of his understanding of the game being an athlete himself. In addition he is also a very genuine guy who communicates well and ultimately has your best interest at heart. Their are many guys out there that are scam artists and just put on showcases to receive revenue but this case is totally different and feel in my heart that great things will come out of it because of the great people behind the WCL/EUROBASKET Agency. This showcase was by far the best one I've been to.' Drimir F., West Texas A&M

'My experience with Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff has been great so far. The organization as a whole is very professional and knows a lot about this particular process. I was impressed and relieved to know that this great team is working hard for each individual to get signed and get put into the lime light. I attended a tryout for the International Basketball League (IBL) two years ago and WCL/EUROBASKET was way better in my opinion. I say this because there were a lot of scheduled events and structured practice/game while the IBL was kind of just thrown together and teams were pretty much set (I felt like they were just taking people's money) and not giving any new comers a chance to show what they got.' D'Vonzo S., Chicago

'Dustin & the WCL/EUROBASKET staff were awesome. I loved the environment, so professional, so helpful & supportive everyone is. You all have a great team, I'm grateful to attend one of your events. I definitely would recommend. The WCL/EUROBASKET event was the best experience & event I have encountered to this point. I enjoyed it all, you all stay in tuned & supportive. I loved it, because you guys seemed to believe in every single player. That's a great environment to be in.' Marcus M. Dallas Combine

'I would recommend this staff to any other player that is looking forward to getting a job overseas. Reason why, is because they're very organized about everything they do, drills, games, and most of all they give you all the information you need when it comes to playing overseas. They explained the whole process of getting signed, what scams to avoid, how to make your basketball resume, information on training an nutrition programs that could be provided to you when getting signed under them, and most of all having patience when it comes to getting signed.' McDaniel B, Nov 2014

'My experience with Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET Staff was great giving everyone a 10 for communication, knowledge, and professionalism, and I had fun at the event.' Victor W, Las Vegas Combine

'The communication process has been great. From the beginning Dustin responded in great time, explained the ins and outs of what it is going to be like stepping into international play as a rookie. The staff at the event was very helpful. They encouraged all players and wanted the best out of everyone that was attending. I would definitely recommend this camp and agency to other players trying to play professionally.' Sharif H. Ark Monticello

'Dustin and the staff are in this business for the right reasons. I might not have even had a chance of expanding my career if Dustin hadn't reached out to me. Dustin and the staff have giving me another shot for reaching my dreams. I appreciate everything they have done for me.' Coleton B. Univ of Oregon

'There really is no comparison. WCL/EUROBASKET's event was much better than the one other camp I attended. Professionalism, communication, honesty, and overall structure of the event were night and day. ' Kenny F., Monmouth College

'I would definitely recommend this to other players. The experience has been great and the staff was very helpful as well. Seems to be a group that knows what they are doing.', Chris G., Concordia NY

'What I liked most about the combine was how organized it was and also how fast the pace was going between drills and the way you had split up the two days. I did feel like I was able to show my fullest potential. My experience with Dustin and his team has been outstanding especially the communication and the demands from both parties to give their absolute best.' Andre S., Missouri Valley

I enjoyed the combine. I like the fact that you guys stressed the importance of not ball hogging and playing selfish and I felt that that translated into a good experience for me. My experience with the WCL/Eurobasket staff has been that you all are very professional and quickly respond to emails which is greatly appreciated. My parents also enjoyed how you broke down the salary aspect of overseas basketball while at the Chicago combine. They now have a better understanding of the financial aspect of overseas pro ball. I have already recommended you guys to other players.
--Chad N, Chicago

'I enjoyed the combine made some new friends and enjoyed playing with one another that share the ball with everyone. My experience with you and everyone was great. I appreciate you being straight forward and honest and the staff being positive and demanding the best effort from you/me.' Marqez O., Portsmouth 2016

'Thus far I have been impressed with WCL/EUROBASKET and the staff. I have only been to one exposure camp, but it was ran well and communicated well. I would love more opportunity to learn and hear from the staff on a consistent basis to improve my game/knowledge' Cordell S., Concorida St. Paul

'Yes I would recommend Dustin and his staff as a whole to other players pursuing a career. I feel Dustin will put me and others in a better position to receive a opportunity at a overseas deal and would hope the same chance for any other player or inspiring player,' Brandon B. San Diego Surf

'My experience with Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff has been great. I have been able to contact Dustin anytime I have had a question and he has been honest with me about my chances of getting signed and what the process may be. I would absolutely recommend him and the staff to other players.' Ryan S., Nichols

I did enjoy my time at the combine. I liked the scheduled layout. I thought with the time you had that it was a good representation of an NBA combine. The events were good for testing and the shooting was the quickest/easiest way to get a feel for an individual's shot. I have had a very professional relationship with Dustin and the staff. I am very pleased with how they represent themselves. They seem to have all intentions for the players, doing their best to get the best for an individual. That really shows and character and professionalism right off the bat. They also take time to reach out to the players and are genuinely interested in searching for contracts for them. I would absolutely recommend them to other players.
--Jack M, Portsmouth

'Thus far my experience with communicating with staff couldn't be better and i have already recommended you guys to other players thinking about avenues to get over seas. I've heard from other people's experiences with other agencies as well and in comparing the two it seems that you guys have been much more professional and productive. I appreciate that. ' Kyle T., Southern Oregon

'Constant feedback is very much appreciated at events like this. The one thing I truly enjoy about Dustin and his staff is the fact that he or they will respond to any and all of your concerns right away. That too is done in a professional manner and I would definitely recommend him to anyone pursuing this career.' Josh C., Vegas Combine

'My experience with Dustin and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff has been a good one thus far. The communication has been consistent and on point and the WCL/EUROBASKET staff is filled with positive and helpful individuals.' Markeith M., Las Vegas Combine

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