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Top former ESL players who are currently in pro basketball based on last week's performance - May 20, 2013

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Here is the weekly review of the top performing Eurobasket Summer League players, who play currently pro basketball.

Robert Holcomb Faye
Robert Holcomb Faye
#1. Robert Holcomb Faye (185-G-84, college: Radford, currently plays in Holland), who plays in the Dutch Eredivisie could not help Leeuwarden (20-16) in their last game. Despite his very good performance Leeuwarden was edged 74-73 on the road by the second-ranked Leiden. Holcomb Faye was the top scorer with 25 points. He also added 6 rebounds and 6 assists in 34 minutes. Holcomb Faye is currently first on the league's list of best passers with 7.2apg. He also averaged so far 12.5ppg, 3.3rpg and 1.8spg in the 45 games he played so far. He attended previously one of camps at Eurobasket Summer League on his way to pro basketball. In 2008 Holcomb Faye went to the ESL camp in Las Vegas playing for Team Brussels.

Akeem Wright
Akeem Wright
#2. Akeem Wright (200-SF-84, college: Kansas St., currently plays in New Zealand) led Otago OceanaGold Nuggets to a victory over the seventh-ranked Taranaki MA (2-6) 110-93 in the New Zealand NBL last Saturday. Wright was MVP of the game. He recorded a double-double by scoring 35 points and getting 10 rebounds. Wright also added 7 assists, 3 blocks and 5 steals. Otago OceanaGold Nuggets (7-0) are placed first in the NBL. So far his team won all seven games in the Regular Season. Wright belongs to league's top scorers and is ranked #2. He has individually a very good season with high stats. Wright averages: 22.4ppg, 7.3rpg, 2.9apg and 2.4spg. Worth to mention Wright played also at Eurobasket Summer League, which helped him get the job in pro basketball. Four years ago he took part in the ESL camp in New York playing for Team Kiev.

Emmanuel Little
Emmanuel Little
#3. Emmanuel Little (196-F-85, college: N.Dakota, currently plays in Mexico), who plays in the Mexican CIBACOPA could not help Rayos de Hermosillo (21-5) in their last game. Despite his very good performance the league leader Rayos de Hermosillo was edged 78-76 on the road by the lower-ranked (#4) Fuerza Guinda Nogales. Little had a double-double by scoring 26 points and getting 11 rebounds. He also added 5 assists in 32 minutes. Little has relatively good stats this year: 12.8ppg, 5.8rpg and 3.0apg in the 26 games he played so far. He is a former Eurobasket Summer League player, which is considered top summer league for players who want to play basketball overseas. Five years ago Little played at the ESL camp in Chicago playing for London.

Jayson Granger (186-G-89, currently plays in Spain) was the major contributor in an Asefa Estudiantes' surprising victory against the second-ranked Caja Laboral (25-9) 90-80 in the Spanish ACB in Sunday night's game. He scored 17 points, had 5 boards, passed 6 assists and added 3 steals. Asefa Estudiantes Madrid (15-19) is placed 12th in the ACB. The Regular Season already ended. It's Granger's seventh season with the team. This year Granger has relatively solid stats: 11.0ppg, 3.3rpg, 3.4apg and 1.1spg. He has a dual citizenship: Uruguayan and Italian. He is a former Eurobasket Summer League player, which is considered top international summer league in the market. In 2010 Granger attended the ESL camp in New York playing for Team Budapest.

Agnis Cavars
Agnis Cavars
#5. Agnis Cavars (196-F-86, currently plays in Latvia) contributed to Valmiera's victory against the closely-ranked Barons kvartals (21-13) 72-65 in the Latvian LBL last Wednesday. He scored 9 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in 25 minutes. It was the game of the round between two top 4 ranked teams. BK Valmiera (22-12) is placed first in the LBL. It was his team's sixth consecutive victory in a row. Cavars is currently fifth on the league's list of best rebounders with 7.6rpg. This year he also averages: 9.5ppg in the 18 games he played so far. Cavars played in 2011at the Eurobasket Summer League in Cologne, Germany for Team Belgrade.

Phillippe Harris
Phillippe Harris
#6. Phillippe Harris (180-G-85, agency: Athlete Management Group, college: Fayetteville St., currently plays in Mexico), who plays in the Mexican CIBACOPA could not help Pioneros Los Mochis (8-16) in their last game on Wednesday. Despite his very good performance Pioneros Los Mochis was defeated 95-83 on the road by the second-ranked Ostioneros de Guaymas. Harris was the second best scorer with 22 points. He also added 7 boards, dished 3 assists and stole 3 balls. Harris has reliable stats this season: 13.0ppg, 4.0rpg, 4.2apg and 1.6spg. Harris attended five years ago the Eurobasket Summer League camp in Salt Lake City.

Olaseni Lawal
Olaseni Lawal
#7. Olaseni Lawal (208-F/C-86, agency: IBS, college: Wayne St., MI, currently plays in Italy), who plays in the Italian Lega2 (second division) could not help Tezenis VE (15-13) in their last game. Despite Lawal's good performance Tezenis VE lost 67-76 at home to the higher-ranked (#4) Novipiu Casale. He had a double-double by scoring 12 points and getting 14 rebounds in 34 minutes. It's Lawal's first season with the team. Lawal is the league's best rebounder and also on the list of best blockers (first place). He has very reliable stats this year: 10.7ppg, 13.6rpg, 1.8bpg and 1.9spg in the 32 games he played so far. Lawal is a naturalized American. Worth to mention he played also for Team Brussels at the ESL in Las Vegas in 2010.

Terrance Woodbury
Terrance Woodbury
#8. Terrance Woodbury (201-G/F-87, college: Georgia, currently plays in Japan) was the major contributor in a Okinawa GK's victory against the fifth-ranked Kyoto Hannaryz (29-23) crushing them 90-60 in the Japanese BJ League last Sunday. Woodbury scored 18 points. Ryukyu Golden Kings Okinawa (42-10) is placed first in Western group. It was his team's seventh consecutive victory in a row. Woodbury has individually a very good season with high stats. He averages: 17.5ppg and 4.5rpg. He played three years ago at the ESL in Las Vegas for Team Geneva.

Matija Poscic
Matija Poscic
#9. Matija Poscic (204-C-85, college: De Paul, currently plays in Croatia), who plays in the Croatian A1 could not help KK Zagreb (2-12) in their last game. Despite his good performance the seventh-placed KK Zagreb lost 77-82 on the road to the lower-ranked (#8) Alkar Sinj in the Places 1-8 group. Poscic was the second best scorer with 14 points. He also added 7 rebounds in a mere 17 minutes. It was KK Zagreb's sixth consecutive loss in a row. The Second Stage already ended. This year Poscic's overall stats are: 7.8ppg and 6.0rpg in the 29 games he played so far. Poscic attended in 2012 the ESL camp in Torino.

Dwight Thorne
Dwight Thorne
#10. Dwight Thorne (190-PG-88, college: Colorado, currently plays in Croatia) contributed to a 1-point KK Zadar's victory against the fifth-ranked Jolly (7-7) 77-76 in the Croatian A1 in Tuesday night's game. Thorne scored 8 points. KK Zadar (11-3) is placed second in Places 1-8 group. It was his team's fifth consecutive victory in a row. They will play only one more game in the Second Stage. And that game will be critical. Thorne's total stats this season are: 7.0ppg, 1.7rpg and 1.4apg. Worth to mention he played also for Team Kiev at the ESL in Las Vegas last year.

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Eurobasket S.League Standings
 1. Russia 4-1 
 2. Ireland 4-2 
 3. England 3-2 
 4. France 3-3 
 5. Greece 0-5 
 1. Amsterdam 2-2 
 2. Berlin 2-2 
 3. Madrid 2-2 
 4. Paris 2-2 
 5. Rome 2-2 
 1. Buenos Aires 2-1 
 2. Mexico City 1-2 
 1. Rome 4-1 
 2. Paris 3-2 
 3. Amsterdam 2-3 
 4. Berlin 1-4 
Las Vegas 1
 1. Stockholm 4-0 
 2. Kiev 3-1 
 3. Helsinki 2-1 
 4. Brussels 1-2 
 5. Dublin 1-2 
 6. Geneva 0-2 
 7. Istanbul 0-2 
 8. Warsaw 0-2 
Las Vegas 2
 1. Venice 3-1 
 2. Manchester 3-1 
 3. Zurich 2-1 
 4. Cantu 1-2 
 5. Lugano 1-2 
 6. Monaco 1-2 
 7. Moscow 1-2 
 8. Siena 1-2 
 1. Miami H. 3-0 
 2. Chicago B. 2-1 
 3. Indiana P. 2-1 
 4. New York K. 1-2 
 5. San Antonio S. 1-2 
 6. Oklahoma CT 0-3 
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