2017 Brooklyn Eurobasket Summer League Day 2 Results! - May 18, 2017
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The 2017 Eurobasket Summer League and WCL Sports Management Brooklyn Combine concluded Sunday with the game portion of the event. Each player played in two games and are availability immediately. Below you can find the box scores for each game and the full video for each.

Game 1:
Paris 71 v Mexico City 72

75David Canny (211-C-95)85110
66Harry Eromosele (196-F-94, college: St.Michael's)120110
49Andy Momplaisir23300
27Frankie Schettino (180-PG)42200
96Jose Nouchanthavong (188-G)85610
97Damon Garrett153220
32Richard Parker (185-G)181220
9Brandon Mills (185-G-89, college: Suffolk-M.J.Grant)42300
#Mexico CityPtsRebAstStlBlk
87Darian Barnes (206-F)105512
86Malcolm Delpeche (203-C)86021
14Michael Young165300
81Symon Smith (175-PG)91210
65Robert Dionisio (196-F)64300
21Roddy Bunch62510
72Aaron Miller (185-G)153100
31Kyle Houston (G)21010

Game 2:
Munich 65 v Dubai 58

48Ryan Spicer22320
61Khaleeq Baum (193-F)97220
63Kyle Ritz (201-F)118112
29Brian Kruger (183-PG)101520
52Richard De La Cruz (191-G)50210
77Kareem Brown (183-PG)82010
71Marcus Delpeche (201-F)109012
37Andre Diggs (188-G, college: Erie CC)31211
70Chris Millender (198-F)1411020
74Chris Outing (201-F)153010
1Andre Nixon (190-G)112110
15Lionel Ellison III (190-G-94)126831
44Matt Hart (185-PG)117210
83Andre Chambers (188-G)01120
33Keyon Armstrong (185-G)20111

Game 3:
Paris 60 v Munich 59

75David Canny46411
66Harry Eromosele2311100
49Andy Momplaisir02101
27Frankie Schettino22500
96Jose Nouchanthavong96450
97Damon Garrett72200
32Richard Parker150100
9Brandon Mills03310
70Chris Millender195410
74Chris Outing05200
79Russell Brown01000
1Andre Nixon174001
15Lionel Ellison III25140
44Matt Hart96310
83Andre Chambers44220
33Keyon Armstrong81020

Game 4:
Mexico City 63 v Dubai 56

#Mexico CityPtsRebAstStlBlk
87Darian Barnes410013
86Malcolm Delpeche168131
14Michael Young22101
81Symon Smith63020
65Robert Dionisio117201
21Roddy Bunch31200
72Aaron Miller123100
31Kyle Houston95510
48Ryan Spicer20210
61Khaleeq Baum116001
63Kyle Ritz87511
29Brian Kruger83510
52Richard De La Cruz72101
77Kareem Brown51120
71Marcus Delpeche1510000
37Andre Diggs03011


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