2017 Dallas Eurobasket Summer League Saturday Results! - June 12, 2017
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The 2017 Dallas Eurobasket Summer League opened up Saturday with our Skills and Athleticism portions of the combine. All players are available immediately. Videos are broken up by Group and Station Work.

Skill Tests and Drills Performed:

Shooting: Spot up (Mid Range and 3's), Dribble Pull Ups, Shots of Screens, Post Work

Athleticism: Vertical Jump, 3/4 Sprints, Full Court Sprints, Lane Agility, and Lateral Speed

Situational: 3 on 2, 2 on 1 Transition, Miami Transition, One on One defense, and 3 on 3 competition

Practice Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BJuvlrkUUs&t=20s

Shooting Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRLPbPex9YA

Group A

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVertMRFG%3 FG %Drib FG%
13Alkaly Traore3.41 sec8.78 sec10.21 sec412944%32%56%
15Xavier Fletcher (191-G-94, college: Lakeland)3.5 sec8.81 sec8.84 sec412852%48%48%
19Lakee Westbrook (183-PG)3.59 sec9.0 sec9.56 sec392764%88%76%
56Derrick Roland (193-G-88, college: Texas A&M)3.24 sec8.82 sec9.12 sec352944%40%48%
96Cory Jones (196-G)3.5 sec8.69 sec9.13 sec372572%40%60%
97Antonio Austin (196-G)3.44 sec8.72 sec9.68 sec412772%68%60%
11Michael Haynes (193-F)3.5 sec9.5 sec9.97 sec302512%20%24%

Group B

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVertMRFG%3 FG %Drib FG%
53Joseph Gonzalez (201-F)3.5 sec9.06 sec10.10 sec383356%56%52%
55Sean Scott3.56 sec9.15 sec10.38 sec342548%36%76%
58Andrew Bonner (196-F)3.57 sec9.12 sec10.22 sec372956%56%48%
59Rashard Owens (198-G-94)3.68 sec9.22 sec10.47 sec402964%60%72%
61Peter Donato (196-C)3.6 sec9.47 sec10.75 sec362868%48%56%
69Phillip Kee (203-F)3.41 sec9.47 sec11.15 sec302320%36%22P
89Greg Richardson (201-F-86, college: SW Oklahoma St.)3.63 sec9.6 sec10.94 sec312868%52%16P
7Jermaine Higginbotham (198-F/G, college: Glenville St.)4.19 sec10.25 sec12.55 sec302464%64%56%

Group C

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVertMRFG%3 FG %Drib FG%
26Frankie Johnson (173-PG)3.22 sec8.47 sec9.16 sec361680%56%52%
37Jabari Warren3.25 sec9.19 sec9.81 sec332244%24%60%
38Adrian Maloney3.68 sec9.13 sec9.78 sec362268%56%40%
43John Reynoso3.65 sec9.0 sec9.75 sec382652%32%44%
50Trey Scott (178-PG, college: Waldorf)3.53 sec9.13 sec9.81 sec382552%44%24%
77Ray Sansom3.12 sec8.81 sec11.06 sec323152%24%48%
16Nathan Mambiya3.63 sec9.4 sec10.12 sec382440%32%32%
71Micheal Frost3.56 sec9.28 sec9.72 sec342628%52%28%

Group D

# Name 3/4 Sprint FC Sprint Lane AgilityLane SlidesVertMRFG%3 FG %Drib FG%
4Justin McCleary (188-G)3.35 sec8.78 sec9.84 sec393160%40%56%
12Seth Jackson (185-G)3.34 sec8.59 sec9.63 sec372952%52%60%
30Ryan Bennett (180-G-87)3.72 sec9.18 sec9.78 sec412964%80%96%
39Marquese Glasper3.53 sec9.25 sec10.38 sec353156%24%40%
46Payne Andrus (180-PG)3.47 sec8.88 sec9.03 sec402656%60%80%
49Grant Prusator (183-G-94)3.4 sec8.84 sec10.0 sec372736%60%72%
76Tomie Aromona (178-PG-93)3.28 sec9.03 sec9.38 sec362640%32%72%


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