Eurobasket Summer League 2018 Opener in Chicago now 10 Days Away! - May 8, 2018
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The 2018 Eurobasket Summer League is just a few days away from its opening event in Chicago May 19-20. The 2017 events ended with a bang on the biggest Vegas ESL camp that we have ever had. Since 2016, 256 players from ESL events have gone on to play at the professional level in 65 different countries including the NBA and NBA G-League. The re-emergence of ESL on the world stage includes the Inaugural Istanbul ESL camp that will take place at the end of July. "The basketball world already knows the importance of Eurobasket on what it brings to basketball information around the globe. The basketball world is now beginning to see the benefits of the Eurobasket Summer League and the promotion of players worldwide" ESL Director Dustin Simcox said. "Whether you are a veteran pro player or rookie just trying to get your foot in the door, ESL can promote you on a mass scale that cant be acheived any other way".

Registrations for the 2018 ESL have already included high major D1 standouts, NCAA Final Four participants, National Team members, Overseas and G-League pros, and the best small college players in the United States. The Chicago camp coming up on May 19th and 20th takes place during the same time as the NBA Combine which has attracted from familiar names from across the college basketball world. Eron Harris (190-G-93, college: Michigan St.), the guard from Michigan State and NBA G-League Wisconsin Herd is set to attend. Harris, averaged 11 pts and 3 reb for Tom Izzo and the Spartans in the 2017 college campaign. America's Cinderella Loyola Chicago will be represented at the Chicago ESL in Ben Richardson (190-G). Richardson, categorized as the heart of the Ramblers is fresh off a improbable Final 4 run is ready to compete in Chicago. Shaquille Thomas (201-F-92, college: Cincinnati, agency: United Sports Group Inc.) will also throw his name in the ring, the former Cincinnati product who has been in the G-League with the Memphis Grizzlies affiliate. Overseas vets such as Kareem Canty (185-G-93, college: Auburn, agency: Promotex), Chris Ellis (196-F-88), Marquis Weddle (185-G-88, college: W.Virg.Wesl.), and Desmond Hubert (208-F-92, college: N.Carolina, agency: United Sports Group Inc.) will also compete. Names such as Jeff Beverly (198-F-95) from Iowa State, Qiydar Davis (198-G-93) from Indiana State, LaVone Holland II (190-G-94) and Jordan Garnett (196-F) from Northern Kentucky are also slated for the ESL in Chicago. Small college players such as Marcus White (198-G/F), Jackson Dubinski (185-G), and Cameron Burhannon (190-G/F) who put up admirable seasons in the D2, D3, and NAIA ranks will get their chance to showcase themselves against these top players.

This Chicago event will set the stage for the rest of the ESL camps leading up to the USA Finale in Las Vegas and the World Finale in Istanbul. A sample list of players who are already registered for future ESL events are listed below. If you are interested in attending one of the ESL camps as a player or a scout please reach out to Dustin Simcox at for more information:

Notable Coaches in the Events 2018:
Matthew Otten (196-G-81, college: San Francisco St.)
Allen Mkrtychyan
and more

Notable Players for 2018:
Wael Arakji (194-PG-94)
Mark Alstork (196-G-95, agency: United Sports Group Inc.)
Tamer Habash (191-SF-92)
Joseph Zaloum (180-PG-90)
Brock Butler (180-PG)
Jakub Petras (211-F-94)
Mike Morsell (196-G-96)
Tre' Fields (198-G-95)
Ishimeal Nance (196-G/F)
Amin Abuhawwas (190-G-94, college: Mars Hill)
Mahmoud Abdeen (191-PG-87)
Ridell Camidge (193-F)
Schuyler Rimmer (208-C)
Logan Hovey (198-F)
Tonnie Collier (203-G/F)
Ikenna Okwarabizie (206-C-95)
Devin Wilson (193-G-94)
Arkadiy Mkrtychyan (201-F-95)
Jonathan Milligan (188-G-93)
Kody Jacoby
Tim Howell (185-G)
Seth Berger (201-F-94)
and more


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