Saturday May 19th Chicago Eurobasket Summer League Combine Results! - May 19, 2018
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Chicago Eurobasket Summer League

Charted Results are below Videos. For questions regarding any player please contact ESL Director Dustin Simcox at dsimcox@wclbasketball or The Videos of the combine's shooting and game simulation portions will be available Monday May 21st at 10 pm. The results from the shooting and athleticism portions are listed below. Sunday May 20th's games will start at 11 am and continue until 5 pm at the Wheaton Community Center. The game box scores will be available online Sunday night at 10 pm. The game videos will be available Monday May 21st at 10 pm.

Shooting Groups A & B

Shooting Groups C & D

Game Simulation Practice

Men's Group A

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)VertDrb FG%3pt%
5Anthony Glover Jr3.448.8510.6941296868
6Kareem Canty3.358.8411.06DNF308444
9Ben Richardson3.478.9110.4743297668
13Lavone Holland3.198.189.4141376048
16Jonathan Milligan3.178.7210.4443295268
23Eron Harris (190-G-93, college: Michigan St.)3.388.759.7244317268
34Quantice Hunter3.158.2611.0442275264
37Zavier Turner3.288.510.0343315284
40Leo Vincent3.128.2510.0342305676
44Cameron Burhannon3.148.7510.941328460
36Ajay Lawson3.348.49.9742286468
Men's Group B

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)VertDrb %3pt%
10Chris Ellis3.158.319.2545306056
22Mark Alstork3.128.569.1844296052
51Qiydar Davis3.078.319.8745365224
57Jordan Garnett3.228.639.8440335656
63Elijah Robinson3.098.539.1641315264
80Jalen Miller3.258.349.1942345664
96Marcus Davis3.859.7510.4434272432
93Bradley Nairn2.978.289.544335640
82Marcus White3.288.659.7837316840
50Carlton Hurst3.258.3110.0843367244
107Alex Dubovitskiy3.69.259.8741276860
Men's Group C

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)VertDrb %3pt %
26James White3.59.1611.2839224828
27Jackson Dubinski3.58.6910.043257668
32Chris Stovall3.328.7210.640264440
33Isaiah Rahier3.258.579.7545287644
39Michael Simpson3.48.639.9341287260
41Malek Lemke3.658.8110.5640334440
45David Jeffries3.49.0310.7240266068
77Ashton Bailey3.228.9111.3439256036
78Calvin Kang3.58.7210.6540285272
83Coleman Fitzsimmons3.388.8710.3440306856
98Roger Hood3.258.289.8744315640
47Dante Williams3.258.4710.542336068
Men's Group D

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)VertMR or 3FG%Drib FG%, 3%, or Post Total
52Pat Terrell3.379.2510.41392572M56T
53Brandon Trotter3.128.59.68413256M48T
54Evan Walker3.418.9410.03393344T52D
60Taylen Alexander3.438.789.56402556T72D
61Kellieon Williams3.098.379.84433340M28T
64Andre Frazier3.378.7910.52382964M32T
73Dane Schmid3.449.1210.37332932M15P
87Maurice Kirby3.569.2810.65362648M56D
90Reggie Williams3.389.2210.16372524M64D
91Robert Jones3.228.479.19433252M52T
0Aaron Bellgraph3.138.59.62423744M32T


Eurobasket Standings