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2018 Eurobasket Summer League Preview by Eurobasket highlight video
Sunday May 20th Chicago Eurobasket Summer League Game Results! - May 20, 2018

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Mark Alstork
The 2018 Eurobasket Summer League Chicago camp concluded on May 20th. You can view the game videos and box scores below the Camp awards.
The Eurobasket Summer League Staff chose a ESL Chicago Camp MVP, 1st Team All-Camp, and 2nd Team All-Camp.

DISCLAIMER: These teams do not reflect all players skill levels or any players ability to play at the professional level. These teams reflect who we thought had the best weekend at the ESL. Being Selected to these teams do not guarantee contracts overseas nor does not being selected guarantee not signing contracts. All players are still eligible to be signed and any questions regarding these players can be referred to ESL Director Dustin Simcox at dsimcox@wclbasketball.com or esl@eurobasket.com.

Chicago Eurobasket Summer League MVP

Eron Harris (190-G-93, college: Michigan St.), Michigan State NCAA D1/Wisconsin Herd NBA G-League: Harris displayed his athleticism, shooting, hustle, and defense throughout the entire weekend. Harris averaged 26 pts, 3 reb, 2 ast, and 2 stl in the two games on Sunday. He led his group in lateral quickness while also finishing 2nd in his group in lane agility. During the Shooting tests Harris shot a combined 70% off the dribble and from 3.

Remaining Eurobasket 1st Team Members (In No Particular Order):

Marcus White (198-G/F), Dickinson State NCAA D2: White's ability to finish, rebound, and defend is what led to his First-Team Selection. He is a sturdy 6'6 wing that averaged 20.5 pts, 9 reb, 2 ast, and 2 blk over the 2 game period on Sunday while helping his team to a 2-0 day. In his senior season this past year White averaged 20 pts and 7 rebounds for Dickinson State and competed in the NAIA Slam Dunk Contest.
LaVone Holland II (190-G-94), Northern Kentucky NCAA D1: Holland put together an all around performance throughout the ESL Saturday and Sunday competitions. He averaged 23 pts, 4 reb, 4 ast, and 1.5 steals while helping lead Team Brussels to a 2-0 day. He was the fastest in his group on the Full Court Downback Sprint, the lane agility, and had the highest standstill vertical jump (37 inches) in his group. Holland averaged 15 pts, 5 reb, and 5 ast this past season for the Norse.
Ben Richardson (190-G), Loyola Chicago NCAA D1: Richardson was above average throughout the entire weekend beginning with the shooting portion of the camp where he shot a combined 72% off the dribble and from three. During the 5on5 portion of the camp he averaged 17.5 pts, 4 reb, 2 ast, and a blk per game while shooting 46% from 3. Richardson was well known for helping lead Loyola Chicago to the NCAA Final 4 this past season.
Pat Terrell (196-F), Morton College JUCO: Most assuredly the unknown name of the Chicago Top 5 coming from Morton College, a community college in Chicago. Terrell established himself as one of the top shooters in the camp. In his last game of the day he helped lead Team Chicago to a 92-90 win with 35 points, nine 3 pt FG's made, and the Game winning three with five seconds remaining in the game. He finished the camp averaged 24 pts, 4 reb, and 2.5 ast per game.

2nd Team All-Camp (in no particular order)

Jackson Dubinski (185-G), Columbia College NAIA: Dubinski backed up his 2017/18 NAIA All American status in Chicago while nearly posting a triple double in the second game of the day. Dubinski led Brussels to a 102-88 win against Berlin with 13 pts, 9 reb, and a ESL record 15 assists. Dubinski finished the camp averaging 12 pts, 5.5 reb, and 8 ast per game.
Tim Bond (201-G), Eastern Michigan NCAA D1: Tim Bond was unable to compete in the majority of the first day due to meeting with NBA franchises but backed up his game on Sunday in the two games. Bond a 6'7 PG helped lead Tokyo throughout the day including what at the time was an ESL record 13 assists against Beijing. Bond finished the camp averaging 10 pts, 5 reb, and 8.5 ast per game.
Mark Alstork (196-G-95, agency: United Sports Group Inc.), Illinois NCAA D1: Alstork missed the game simulation portion of the event on Saturday, but made up for it with his performances on Sunday averaging a double double. He was a consistent threat from 3, crashed the boards hard, and get in the passing lanes leading to a camp average of 23 pts, 10.5 reb, and 2.5 stl per game. Standing at 6'5 he has the versatility to help teams on many different levels.
Kareem Canty (185-G-93, college: Auburn, agency: Promotex). Auburn NCAA D1: Canty put together one of the best offensive displays in the final game of the day. Canty made 10 three point FGs on the way to a camp high 39 points against Brussels. Canty was a star at Auburn averaging 19 pts per game and continued his career professionally in both Italy and Morocco.
Elijah Robinson (196-G/F, agency: KMG Sports Management), Emmanuel (GA) NCAA D2: Robinson was a factor throughout the entire camp displaying his ability against some of the best talent in the country. He was a big reason why Team Beijing finished the day with a 2-0 record averaging 19 pts, 8 reb, and 2 stl per game. He has an interesting body and skill set at 6'5 to guard the 2,3, and 4 positions while being able to score inside and out.


Game 1:
Rio de Janeiro 69 v Tokyo 83

# Rio de JaneiroPtsRebAstStlBlk
16Jonathan Milligan (188-G-93)41200
77Ashton Bailey (190-PG-93, college: NW Oklahoma St.)87400
91Robert Jones III (203-F-95)99013
40Leo Vincent (185-PG-95)61200
54Evan Walker (198-PF-92, college: Rochester, MI)95400
44Cameron Burhannon (190-G/F)187320
51Qiydar Davis (198-G-93)152001
96Marcus Davis04000
45David Jeffries (185-G)109540
90Reggie Williams (198-F)126010
23Eron Harris215220
32Chris Stovall (185-PG)102411
60Taylen Alexander (196-G/F-93, college: Earlham)1312740
33Isaiah Rahier (180-PG)51210
94Tim Bond124400
Game 2:
Brussels 75 v Chicago 72 (Jackson Dubinski GW 3pt FG at Buzzer)

# BrusselsPtsRebAstStlBlk
83Coleman Fitzsimmons (188-G/F)00100
98Roger Hood (196-F)33200
82Marcus White1810313
13LaVone Holland II224510
27Jackson Dubinski112110
57Jordan Garnett (196-F)72431
64Andre Frazieri-Stanley (196-F)125102
0Aaron Bellgraph26320
# ChicagoPtsRebAstStlBlk
80Jalen Miller (196-SF)104532
52Pat Terrell134300
9Ben Richardson164110
78Calvin Kang23230
5Anthony Glover Jr. (185-G)123220
87Maurice Kirby (206-F)108311
34Quantice Hunter (188-G)92020
Game 3:
Beijing 75 v Berlin 54

41Malek Lemke03400
93Brad Nairn (198-F-96)85110
107Alex Dubovitskiy (198-G/F-94)142120
61Kellieon Williams (201-F)86210
63Elijah Robinson186102
37Zavier Turner (175-G-94)72420
22Mark Alstork1813350
36Ajay Lawton (183-PG-94)21220
39Michael Simpson (170-PG)72400
47Dante Williams (189-G-87, college: E.Tenn.St.)44400
50Carlton Hurst (190-G-94)106011
10Chris Ellis (196-F-88)26021
73Dane Schmid (206-C)65100
53Brandon Trotter (201-G/F-96)813130
26James White42200
6Kareem Canty133220
Game 4:
Rio de Janeiro 90 v Chicago 92 (Pat Terrell GW 3pt FG with 5 seconds left)

# Rio de JaneiroPtsRebAstStlBlk
16Jonathan Milligan56311
77Ashton Bailey133200
91Robert Jones III1616101
40Leo Vincent104001
54Evan Walker64300
44Cameron Burhannon211110
51Qiydar Davis194010
96Marcus Davis01010
80Jalen Miller 156411
52Pat Terrell354200
9Ben Richardson194312
78Calvin Kang64300
5Anthony Glover Jr.113700
87Maurice Kirby611320
34Quantice Hunter22401
Game 5:
Beijing 105 v Tokyo 99

# BeijingPtsRebAstStlBlk
41Malek Lemke35400
93Brad Nairn44100
107Alex Dubovitskiy143010
61Kellieon Williams155200
63Elijah Robinson2010120
37Zavier Turner182900
22Mark Alstork288000
36Ajay Lawton32400
45David Jeffries67341
90Reggie Williams174120
23Eron Harris311120
32Chris Stovall94310
60Taylen Alexander175200
33Isaiah Rahier116611
94Tim Bond861311
Game 6:
Brussels 102 v Berlin 88

# BrusselsPtsRebAstStlBlk
83Coleman Fitzsimmons26301
98Roger Hood111110
82Marcus White238121
13LaVone Holland II244320
27Jackson Dubinski1391510
57Jordan Garnett131010
64Andre Frazieri-Stanley114113
0Aaron Bellgraph63001
# BerlinPtsRebAstStlBlk
39Michael Simpson142310
47Dante Williams133120
50Carlton Hurst44001
10Chris Ellis04312
73Dane Schmid610110
53Brandon Trotter106010
26James White21000
6Kareem Canty394110


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Bourdanos ended the previous (2016-17) season at Mustangs (2.Regionalliga) in German league. He helped them to win the group title  
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Eurobasket S.League Standings
 1. Germany 2-0 
 2. Belgium 2-0 
 3. Italy 2-0 
 4. England 1-1 
 5. Austria 0-2 
 6. Greece 0-2 
 7. France 0-2 
 1. Beijing 2-0 
 2. Brussels 2-0 
 3. Tokyo 1-1 
 4. Chicago 1-1 
 5. Rio de Janeiro 0-2 
 6. Berlin 0-2 
 1. Frankfurt 2-0 
 2. Barcelona 1-1 
 3. Manchester 1-1 
 4. Amsterdam 1-1 
 5. Buenos Aires 1-1 
 6. Treviso 0-2 
Las Vegas1
 1. Boston 0-0 
 2. Chicago 0-0 
 3. Cleveland 0-0 
 4. Dallas 0-0 
 5. Denver 0-0 
 6. Golden State 0-0 
 7. Houston 0-0 
 8. Indiana 0-0 
 9. LA Clippers 0-0 
 10. LA Lakers 0-0 
 11. Milwaukee 0-0 
 12. Minnesota 0-0 
 13. New Orleans 0-0 
 14. New York 0-0 
 15. Oklahoma City 0-0 
 16. Philadelphia 0-0 
 17. Phoenix 0-0 
 18. Portland 0-0 
 19. San Antonio 0-0 
 20. Toronto 0-0 
Las Vegas2
 1. Agua Caliente 0-0 
 2. Atlanta 0-0 
 3. Brooklyn 0-0 
 4. Charlotte 0-0 
 5. Detroit 0-0 
 6. Erie 0-0 
 7. Fort Wayne 0-0 
 8. Memphis 0-0 
 9. Miami 0-0 
 10. Orlando 0-0 
 11. Sacramento 0-0 
 12. Santa Cruz 0-0 
 13. Sioux Falls 0-0 
 14. Utah 0-0 
 15. Washington 0-0 
 16. Westchester 0-0 
 17. Windy City 0-0 
 1. Munich 2-0 
 2. Mexico City 1-1 
 3. Dubai 0-2 
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