2018 Philadelphia ESL Results - June 26, 2018
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The 2018 Eurobasket Summer League Philadelphia Combine concluded Sunday June 24th with each player playing in two games. For any questions regarding any of these available players, please contact Dustin Simcox at esl@eurobasket.com. Below you can find the box scores for each game.
Men's Game 1:
Dubai 60 v Mexico City 67

75Daniel Robinson69021
5George Sapp114420
45Shaq Stokes123230
21Kyle Callanan82000
73Brendon Smith710000
8Deon Andrews24200
31'Maalik Rochester109001
42Franklin Rodriguez41310
#Mexico CityPtsRebAstStlBlk
25Brian Starr147600
62Calvin Crawford176410
11Abdull Popal82100
10Brad Williams79212
19Nate Cash41130
4Dorian Broadwater22110
49Xavier Wright41020
39Demetrus Johnson112110
Men's Game 2:
Dubai 66 v Munich 67 (Kevin McLaughlin GW FG as time expires)

75Daniel Robinson88100
5George Sapp111410
45Shaq Stokes141210
21Kyle Callanan32400
73Brendon Smith1611110
8Deon Andrews23210
31Maalik Rochester61100
42Franklin Rodriguez62420
9Merdic Green124120
13Raheem Anderson64240
58Ra'eese Hunt99201
15Jalen Harris141200
34Billy Cassidy60200
64Kevin McLaughlin126001
23Terrence Warren40210
48Josh McWilliams44520
Men's Game 3:
Mexico City 63 v Munich 78

#Mexico CityPtsRebAstStlBlk
25Brian Starr89640
62Calvin Crawford1310212
11Abdull Popal24430
10Brad Williams134111
19Nate Cash02100
4Dorian Broadwater110010
49Xavier Wright63010
39Demetrus Johnson94200
9Merdic Green63100
13Raheem Anderson82300
58Ra'eese Hunt86010
15Jalen Harris214100
34Billy Cassidy63600
64Kevin McLaughlin115120
23Terrence Warren02430
48Josh McWilliams187310

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