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2018 Eurobasket Summer League Preview by Eurobasket highlight video
2018 Atlanta ESL Results! - Jul 2, 2018

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The 2018 Atlanta Eurobasket Summer League concluded on Sunday July 1st. All players listed below are available and any questions regarding them can be directed to Dustin Simcox at dsimcox@wclbasketball.com or esl@eurobasket.com. Each player played in 2 games. The box scores and videos can be found below.
Game 1:
Austria 70 v Italy 83

73Artis Cleveland65111
9Herbert Sears77300
93Daniel Morrison125250
97Marquis Smith89300
90Josh Flowers123420
92Bilal Shakir134200
4Christian Bradford122100
64Stacey Mack169120
13Donavin Arvie83300
1Daequon Antoine2010231
77Jalen Vince63620
94Keith Krouser113410
39Troy Salvant224520
Game 2:
Belgium 67 v England 62

53DJ Gardner1614311
28Isaac Williams86213
10Trevon McCall64001
31Greg Cooper74010
14Nate Frye157420
108Zhamir Burns82010
42Lee Green21210
57Tonnie Collier67100
7Maurice Stephens69110
23Langston Burnett233120
95Andy Lunguana128001
53Javan Smith63121
29Ezroy Thompson84200
45Stevie Williams65200
Game 3:
France 54 v Germany 85

68Denzil Council149510
2Haboubacar Mutombo63412
18Monterrio Moore26210
5Brannon Clay26300
84Rashawn Latimer44100
96Calvin Spencer93200
91Jay Howard175211
11Cortlin Davis175331
19Oshane Mothersill106111
21Justin Seymour (190-G-94, college: Georgia St.)194610
0MarQuen Mitchell127730
36Jon Dunmyer84310
32Julian Williams02300
51Brock Butler198200
Game 4:
Greece 73 v Italy 74 2OT (Antoine GW 3pt FG)

64Stacey Mack1514101
13Donavin Arvie711310
1Daequon Antoine2211460
77Jalen Vince102301
94Keith Krouser44210
39Troy Salvant164400
27Harlan Faroul02020
62Chris Spratling1610000
26Jeremiah Hill149312
8Matthew Misenheimer44101
16James Stepp411940
15Marcus Burton144040
46Rico Torres42100
34Sidney Knox92120
99Dylan Jenkins84200
Game 5:
Austria 59 v Belgium 82

73Artis Cleveland107312
9Herbert Sears48400
93Daniel Morrison82401
97Marquis Smith23120
90Josh Flowers81300
92Bilal Shakir134330
4Christian Bradford143100
57Tonnie Collier3013100
7Maurice Stephens154220
23Langston Burnett168120
95Andy Lunguana43330
53Javan Smith24510
29Ezroy Thompson74101
76Quenton Jones26401
45Stevie Williams65220
Game 6:
England 100 v France 71

53DJ Gardner247310
28Isaac Williams3410311
10Trevon McCall012500
31Greg Cooper115320
14Nate Frye217830
108Zhamir Burns102201
42Lee Green01100
68Denzil Council217511
2Haboubacar Mutombo157320
18Monterrio Moore02300
5Brannon Clay54110
84Rashawn Latimer104110
96Calvin Spencer03120
91Jay Howard202331
Game 7:
Germany 102 v Greece 62

11Cortlin Davis156313
19Oshane Mothersill127122
21Justin Seymour329940
0MarQuen Mitchell43200
36Jon Dunmyer206210
32Julian Williams33010
51Brock Butler1110510
99Dylan Jenkins53700
62Chris Spratling85100
26Jeremiah Hill95231
8Matthew Misenheimer22000
16James Stepp1411130
15Marcus Burton101210
46Rico Torres21110
34Sidney Knox123100
27Harlan Faroul51100

Men's Shooting

Men's Practice

Men's Group A

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)Vert3 FG%Drib FG% or Post Total
34Sidney Knox3.067.669.9435283248
46Rico Torres3.167.9710.3336271636
15Marcus Burton3.167.910.0240284036
108Zhamir Burns3.07.910.3838273636
45Stevie Williams3.037.689.883833824
28Isaac Williams2.977.659.8140305272
Men's Group B

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)Vert3FG%Drib FG %
31Greg Cooper3.198.19.9238304464
19Oshane Mothersill3.158.1611.123725424
2Haboubacar Mutombo3.037.8510.0142324444
26Jeremiah Hill2.887.698.8441295284
32Julian Williams3.158.0810.3140224028
39Troy Salvant2.947.919.8140266028
14Nate Frye3.07.759.2243356072
Men's Group C

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)VertMR or 3FG%3pt or Drib FG
57Tonnie Collier3.318.2511.1352752M56T
64Stacey Mack3.17.9410.53382852T56D
62Chris Spratling3.198.2211.84382824M56D
73Artis Cleveland3.138.010.04412648M44D
68Denzil Council2.977.789.94382768M24T
53DJ Gardner3.168.3710.91382672M56T
Men's Group D

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)Vert3FG%Drib FG%
13Donavin Arvie3.157.9710.45339294848
10Trevon McCall3.037.7810.1538264028
23Langston Burnett3.038.069.3440284060
9Herbert Sears3.127.8410.1241312448
7Maurice Stephens2.977.789.5641283636
8Matthew Misenheimer3.48.2810.5835265656
Men's Group E

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)Vert3FG%Drb FG%
84Rashawn Latimer3.257.2710.1439307276
76Quenton Jones3.288.3811.0439272464
90Josh Flowers3.048.09.7240304060
36Jon Dunmyer2.917.629.3139322428
27Harlan Faroul3.228.4110.6831292836
29Ezroy Thompson2.967.849.7338274024
92Bilal Shakir2.857.669.6439312060
53Javan Smith3.07.639.6140324052
Men's Group F

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)Vert3FG%Drb FG%
97Marquis Smith2.697.5611.1538274860
94Keith Krouser2.537.4510.9739282044
0MarQuen Mitchell2.437.2510.7226274048
21Justin Seymour2.127.049.9735306856
99Dylan Jenkins2.627.199.8443272852
51Brock Butler2.517.319.6943305260
96Calvin Spencer2.427.271137286472
93Daniel Morrison2.587.4910.7838275244
42Lee Green2.767.4910.8134282844
Men's Group G

# Name 3/4 Sprint (sec) FC Sprint (sec) Lane Agility (sec)Lane Slides (touches)Vert3FG%Drb FG%
91Jay Howard2.887.569.5342295268
1Daequon Antoine3.037.759.8741306460
77Jalen Vince37.9410.0240294448
16James Stepp2.97.829.6242277252
5Brannon Clay2.627.3810.4645334032
95Andy Lunguana2.386.889.8939333668
11Cortlin Davis2.487.039.4738384428
18Monterrio Moore2.748.011.3840241632

ESL: Caballos sign Palacios just out of college - 14 days ago
ESL: Caballos de Cocle Aguadulce (LPB) agreed terms with Panamanian swingman Odin Palacios (197). just graduated from Knox (NCAA3) in USA. Palacios missed last season and had one year break from professional basketball. As mentioned above he is just out of the college and it will be his first season as a pro. Caballos de Cocle Aguadulce roster for 2018-2019: Guards: Nicanor Alvarez CJ Rodriguez Alberto Duque Forwards: Akbar Lawson Adalberto Rojas Kadir Gonzalez Odin Pala...   [read more]

ESL: Eduardo Marcel is a newcomer at Atletico Nacional - 19 days ago
ESL: Atletico Nacional (LPB) added to their roster experienced 37-year old ex-international point guard Eduardo Marcel (182-80). He has played for the last three seasons at Caballos. But in 11 LPB games he recorded just 0.6ppg last season. Marcel helped them to win the regular season and make it to the final. He was a member of Panamanian international program for some years. Marcel was called to Panamanian Senior National Team between 1999 and 2000 and previously for U21 National Team b...   [read more]

ESL: Caballos ink Kadir Gonzalez - 23 days ago
ESL: Caballos de Cocle Aguadulce (LPB) signed 28-year old small forward Kadir Gonzalez (191-89). He played last season at Atletico Nacional. In 13 LPB games he had 4.2ppg, 2.6rpg and 1.4apg. Gonzalez's team made it to the LPB Semifinals in 2016. He has played previously for three other teams: Magnates, Oeste and Panteras. Caballos de Cocle Aguadulce roster for 2018-2019: Guards: Nicanor Alvarez CJ Rodriguez Edward Lopez Jesus Sanjur Alberto Duque Forwards: Akbar Lawson ...   [read more]

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Eurobasket S.League Standings
 1. Germany 2-0 
 2. Belgium 2-0 
 3. Italy 2-0 
 4. England 1-1 
 5. Austria 0-2 
 6. Greece 0-2 
 7. France 0-2 
 1. Beijing 2-0 
 2. Brussels 2-0 
 3. Tokyo 1-1 
 4. Chicago 1-1 
 5. Rio de Janeiro 0-2 
 6. Berlin 0-2 
 1. Frankfurt 2-0 
 2. Barcelona 1-1 
 3. Manchester 1-1 
 4. Amsterdam 1-1 
 5. Buenos Aires 1-1 
 6. Treviso 0-2 
Las Vegas1
 1. Boston 0-0 
 2. Chicago 0-0 
 3. Cleveland 0-0 
 4. Dallas 0-0 
 5. Denver 0-0 
 6. Golden State 0-0 
 7. Houston 0-0 
 8. Indiana 0-0 
 9. LA Clippers 0-0 
 10. LA Lakers 0-0 
 11. Milwaukee 0-0 
 12. Minnesota 0-0 
 13. New Orleans 0-0 
 14. New York 0-0 
 15. Oklahoma City 0-0 
 16. Philadelphia 0-0 
 17. Phoenix 0-0 
 18. Portland 0-0 
 19. San Antonio 0-0 
 20. Toronto 0-0 
Las Vegas2
 1. Agua Caliente 0-0 
 2. Atlanta 0-0 
 3. Brooklyn 0-0 
 4. Charlotte 0-0 
 5. Detroit 0-0 
 6. Erie 0-0 
 7. Fort Wayne 0-0 
 8. Memphis 0-0 
 9. Miami 0-0 
 10. Orlando 0-0 
 11. Sacramento 0-0 
 12. Santa Cruz 0-0 
 13. Sioux Falls 0-0 
 14. Utah 0-0 
 15. Washington 0-0 
 16. Westchester 0-0 
 17. Windy City 0-0 
 1. Munich 2-0 
 2. Mexico City 1-1 
 3. Dubai 0-2 
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