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2018 Eurobasket Summer League Preview by Eurobasket highlight video
Istanbul I Eurobasket Summer League Results and Information - Jul 22, 2018

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The first ever Eurobasket Summer League in Istanbul took place between July 18-20 with each team playing a total of 3 games, including a game against the Georgia U18 National Team that will be competing this weekend in a big tournament. The camp featured players from 10 different countries around the globe. It was a melting pot of culture joining together at the brand new Sporting Work Sports Halle near Atuturk Istanbul International Airport. The box scores are below for each game, the film against the Georgia National Team will be released following their tournament this weekend. Big thanks to President of Sporting Work Mr. Faik Ersoy and Turkish Manager Ugur Turker for organization of this event!


304Aboudi Al-QattonKuwait, USA, UK
103Naseem BadroushLibya
308Nader AhmedJordan
455Bernard SalibaLebanon
104Mohammad KhatibLebanon
91Fares JaninehPalestine
305Hakan EmirogluTurkey
408Abdullh KhaderJordan
405Alparen DoganTurkey
88Mohamad AlShamaliJordan
457Evrim OzkanTurkey
404Mert OzkaynakTurkey
406Joseph RomdhaneTunisia
309Charlie MurraPalestine
407Aziz BenslimaneTunisia
86Victor LewisUSA
80Adnan KocTurkey
403Rami BekLibya
400Parsa MehrafzaIran
300Arshya KordjziIran
306Daniyal KhoshtinatIran
409Giavonni MackUSA
301Ali HonarvarIran
307Roman JanikPoland
401Tamer HabashPalestine
85Ibrahim Habash (179-PG-93)Palestine
456Ali KhaderJordan

Initial Practice with American Hall of Fame Coach Mark Arce, Russian Coach Allen Mkrtychyan, and Bosnian Coach Zoran Zupcevic.

Game 1:
Georgia U18 National Team 96 v Team 3 50

#Georgia National TeamPtsRebAstStlBlk
18Aleksandre Merkviladze76310
1Otar Pertaia43410
3Saba Geguchadze61100
4Rati Andronikashvili112610
5Saba Gigiberia89101
6Giorgi Tcheishvili50230
17Dvit Kakushadze155002
9Zurabi Zhgenti35120
15Lasha Mikeladze118410
14Irakli Sulkhanishvili142310
7Kakha Zhgenti122641
#Team 3PtsRebAstStlBlk
401Tamer Habash45110
103Naseem Badroush64140
309Charlie Murra32110
409Giavonni Mack83330
457Evrim Ozkan129010
88Mohamad AlShamali05100
400Parsa Mehrafza40100
456Ali Khader12000
307Roman Janik123130
403Rami Bek00220

Game 2:
Team 1 87 v Team 2 70

#Team 1PtsRebAstStlBlk
304Aboudi Al-Qatton117710
305Hakan Emiroglu144210
408Abdullh Khader65410
307Roman Janik65210
85Ibrahim Habash103310
80Adnan Koc111110
301Ali Honarvar22010
91Fares Janineh112110
406Joseph Romdhane174321
#Team 2PtsRebAstStlBlk
404Mert Ozkaynak103210
300Arshya Kordjzi23200
86Victor Lewis223210
308Nader Ahmed134100
455Bernard Saliba55310
306Daniyal Khoshtinat00010
104Mohamed Khatib02210
407Aziz Benslimane63200
405Alparen Dogan127112

Game 3:
Georgia U18 National Team 80 v Team 2 58

#Georgia National TeamPtsRebAstStlBlk
1 Otar Pertaia77520
3Saba Geguchadze32110
4Luka MaziaShvili56200
6Giorgi Tcheishvili51100
7Kakha Zhgenti41000
9Zurabi Zhgenti187110
12Saba Gigiberia710000
14Irakli Sulkhanishvili154200
17Dvit Kakushadze154200
18Aleksandre Merkviladze01000
15Lasha Mikeladze11000
#Team 2PtsRebAstStlBlk
86 Victor Lewis214010
300Arshya Kordjzi11100
308Nader Ahmed116200
104Mohamed Khatib01010
306Daniyal Khoshtinat01100
404Mert Ozkaynak161423
407Aziz Benslimane31112
455Bernard Saliba21130
405Alparen Dogan58120

Game 4:
Team 1 75 v Team 3 60

#Team 1PtsRebAstStlBlk
304Aboudi Al-Qatton153610
305Hakan Emiroglu87011
408Abdullh Khader24110
307Roman Janik123210
85Ibrahim Habash85330
80Adnan Koc100010
301Ali Honarvar61000
91Fares Janineh20000
406Joseph Romdhane1213331
#Team 3PtsRebAstStlBlk
409Giavonni Mack215520
457Evrim Ozkan78112
456Ali Khader01000
401Tamer Habash112000
88Mohamed AlShamali23100
403Rami Bek21100
400Parsa Mehrafza62020
309Charlie Murra32000
103Naseem Badroush64310
306Daniyal Khoshtinat23120

Game 5:
Georgia U18 National Team 79 v Team 1 97

#Georgia National TeamPtsRebAstStlBlk
18Aleksandre Merkviladze01000
1Otar Pertaia104410
3Saba Geguchadze51100
4Rati Andronikashvili146670
5Saba Gigiberia136000
6Giorgi Tcheishvili02100
17Dvit Kakushadze108200
9Zurabi Zhgenti153020
15Lasha Mikeladze70000
14Irakli Sulkhanishvili54410
7Kakha Zhgenti93300
#Team 1PtsRebAstStlBlk
85Ibrahim Habash103030
91Fares Janineh30000
409Giavonni Mack213410
307Roman Janik72120
309Toussaint Shaak Rose133120
305Hakan Emiroglu184400
304Aboudi Al-Qatton23810
408Abdullh Khader52100
103Naseem Badroush21020
406Joseph Romdhane108410
80Adnan Koc61300

Game 6:
Team 2 66 v Team 3 85

#Team 3PtsRebAstStlBlk
88Mohamad AlShamali66120
401Tamer Habash125100
400Parsa Mehrafza23110
456Ali Khader84000
65Joseph Romdhane127310
403Rami Bek113110
103Naseem Badroush44420
309Toussaint Shaak Rose138320
85Ibrahim Habash177200
#Team 2PtsRebAstStlBlk
104Mohamed Khatib01000
455Bernard Saliba02310
91Fares Janineh43010
306Daniyal Khostinat60000
405Alparen Dogan117101
86Victor Lewis73121
300Arshya Kordjzi01010
308Nader Ahmed203300
408Abdullh Khader88201
407Aziz Benslimane116020


ESL: Sotiris Bourdanos agreed terms with Stratoni - 14 hours ago
ESL : SA Stratoni (B) inked 32-year old guard Sotiris Bourdanos (187-86). He played most recently at Koropi.
Bourdanos ended the previous (2016-17) season at Mustangs (2.Regionalliga) in German league. He helped them to win the group title  
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ESL: Gravenchon welcomes back Scherrens - 3 days ago
ESL : CS Gravenchon Basket (NM2) tabbed 26-year old swingman Cyril Scherrens (197-92). It is actually his comeback to Gravenchon as he has played here before. Scherrens played most recently at GET Vosges in the NM1. In three games he averaged just 2.3ppg, 2   [read more]

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Eurobasket S.League Standings
 1. Germany 2-0 
 2. Belgium 2-0 
 3. Italy 2-0 
 4. England 1-1 
 5. Austria 0-2 
 6. Greece 0-2 
 7. France 0-2 
 1. Beijing 2-0 
 2. Brussels 2-0 
 3. Tokyo 1-1 
 4. Chicago 1-1 
 5. Rio de Janeiro 0-2 
 6. Berlin 0-2 
 1. Frankfurt 2-0 
 2. Barcelona 1-1 
 3. Manchester 1-1 
 4. Amsterdam 1-1 
 5. Buenos Aires 1-1 
 6. Treviso 0-2 
Las Vegas1
 1. Boston 0-0 
 2. Chicago 0-0 
 3. Cleveland 0-0 
 4. Dallas 0-0 
 5. Denver 0-0 
 6. Golden State 0-0 
 7. Houston 0-0 
 8. Indiana 0-0 
 9. LA Clippers 0-0 
 10. LA Lakers 0-0 
 11. Milwaukee 0-0 
 12. Minnesota 0-0 
 13. New Orleans 0-0 
 14. New York 0-0 
 15. Oklahoma City 0-0 
 16. Philadelphia 0-0 
 17. Phoenix 0-0 
 18. Portland 0-0 
 19. San Antonio 0-0 
 20. Toronto 0-0 
Las Vegas2
 1. Agua Caliente 0-0 
 2. Atlanta 0-0 
 3. Brooklyn 0-0 
 4. Charlotte 0-0 
 5. Detroit 0-0 
 6. Erie 0-0 
 7. Fort Wayne 0-0 
 8. Memphis 0-0 
 9. Miami 0-0 
 10. Orlando 0-0 
 11. Sacramento 0-0 
 12. Santa Cruz 0-0 
 13. Sioux Falls 0-0 
 14. Utah 0-0 
 15. Washington 0-0 
 16. Westchester 0-0 
 17. Windy City 0-0 
 1. Munich 2-0 
 2. Mexico City 1-1 
 3. Dubai 0-2 
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