Istanbul II Eurobasket Summer Schedule and Results - July 23, 2018
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The second Eurobasket Summer League in Istanbul took place between July 21-23 playing a total of 3 games against Turkish professionals and a game against the Georgia U18 National Team that will be competing this weekend in a big tournament. Brand new Sporting Work Sports Halle near Atuturk Istanbul International Airport Hawthorn by Wyndham Istanbul Airport played host to the playing and living conditions. The box scores are below for each game, the film against the Georgia National Team will be released following their tournament this weekend.

Game 1:
Georgia U18 National Team 72 v Eurobasket 91

#Georgia National TeamPtsRebAstStlBlk
18Aleksandre Merkviladze25000
1Otar Pertaia242500
3Saba Geguchadze52020
4Rati Andronikashvili00000
5Saba Gigiberia43000
6Giorgi Tcheishvili42100
17Dvit Kakushadze106000
9Zurabi Zhgenti11000
15Lasha Mikeladze106000
14Irakli Sulkhanishvili01210
7Kakha Zhgenti43100

14Amin Abuhawwas (190-G-94, college: Mars Hill)254640
52Gerasimos Koutoufas2311230
58Remi Bek00010
457Evrim Ozkan108010
43Toussaint Shaak Rose135110
51Terrence Bush75200
3Giavonni Mack21400
305Hakan Emiroglu83240
409Adnan Koc33310

Game 2:
Eurobasket 89 v Turkey 61

42Gerasimos Koutoufas93331
2Amin Abuhawwas267631
7Toussaint Shaak Rose177540
58Remi Bek123310
45Adnan Koc124310
59Terrence Bush133000
75Evrim Ozkan185230
54Bahadir Simsek138001
49Onur Yetismis25500
305Hakan Emiroglu144000
44Atakan Gokseven31300
23Samet Demirok116400

Game 3:
Eurobasket 58 v Turkey 61

34Terrence Bush46120
58Remi Bek45520
76Evrim Ozkan256122
45Adnan Koc61200
47Amin Abuhawwas06201
52Gerasimos Koutoufas196211
32Hakan Emiroglu156100
51Bahadir Simsek1511300
11Onur Yetismis138920
1Toussaint Shaak Rose54220
38Samet Demirok134120


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