2019 Chicago Eurobasket Summer League Results with Krossover Technology Analytics - May 22, 2019
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The 2019 Chicago Eurobasket Summer League took place at Elmhurst College on May 17th through 19th. Team Vancouver finished with the top record in the camp. Below you will find the Krossover Efficiency Rankings for all players at the camp. The efficiency rating is the calculation of all offensive and defensive contributions made during the camp. Full Box scores and Videos are listed below the rankings. Krossover Efficiency Rating Scale: 20+ = 5/5, 15-19 =4/5, 10-14 = 3/5, 5-9 = 2/5, and under 5 = 1/5



RankPlayerHighlightHtPosSchoolPts/gFG3pt FGFTReb/gAst/gStl/gBlk/gEFF
1Elijah Minnie (206-G/F-94, college: E.Michigan)Link69FEastern Michigan22.518-306-143-3622024.5
2T.J. Henderson (187-G-95, college: Marian, IN)Link62GMarian IN20.319-326-1617-1732.30.3021.3
3Tyler Hall (196-G-97, college: Montana St.)Link65GMontana State15.321-3914-255-
4Marcel Rice II (198-C-97, college: Hiram, agency: Whitecox Lyons SM)Link66FHiram10.518-252-24-66.8110.517
5Lovell CabbilLink63GLiberty18.322-399-192-
6Taishaun Johnson (183-PG-94, college: PVAMU)Link60GPrairie View AM1624-402-914-1732.81016
7Michael Finke (208-F-96, college: GCU)Link610FGrand Canyon1424-516-172-372.70.50.516
8Jordan Nobles (206-F-96, college: Oakland)Link69FOakland16.823-4613-298-8410.80.315.5
9Will Vorhees (203-F, college: Notre Dame, OH)Link68FNotre Dame OH13.321-422-69-106.50.810.515.5
10Brandon Neel (193-G-92, college: Midwestern St.)Link64GMidwestern State17.328-476-127-
11Christian Mekowulu (206-F-95, college: Texas A&M)Link68FTexas A&M14.511-221-34-7500115.3
12Darren Groves (203-F-95, college: Indiana Tech, agency: Whitecox Lyons SM)Link68FIndiana Tech10.714-272-62-79300.315.3
13Fred Sims Jr. (193-G, college: Chicago St.)Link64GChicago State19.726-526-141-34.31.31015
14Joshea Singleton (193-F-91, college: NC A&T, agency: Green Sports Management)Link64GNorth Carolina A&T10.517-373-135-9630.8114.8
15Tyrone Sam (198-SG-96, college: Valdosta St.)Link65GValdosta State13.321-372-69-114.82.300.814.5
16Daryl Porter (187-G-97, college: Gannon)Link61GGannon1114-293-122-
17Logan Primerano (193-G-96, college: Indiana Tech)Link64GIndiana Tech1414-314-1510-
18Robert Brooks (191-G-97, college: Governors St.)Link63GGovernor's State11.819-342-47-94.81.310.314
19Tim Lott (193-G/F-93, college: Dakota Co. Tech)Link64GDakota County CC1114-221-34-65.31.710.314
20Pat Moseh (198-G-96, college: WJU)Link66GWheeling Jesuit12.820-384-57-
21Aron Nwankwo (202-F-92, college: Pittsburgh)Link68FPittsburgh11.321-411-62-36.8200.313.5
22Eric Cobb (206-F-96, college: Connecticut)Link69FUCONN1213-278-172-25.720.3013.3
23Mitch Pelissier (190-G-97, college: Concordia, IL, agency: Whitecox Lyons SM)Link63GConcordia Chicago10.715-241-41-33.330.30.713.3
24Dwight Richards (196-PF, college: Central State)Link65GFCentral State1014-242-60-
25Markee Williams (178-PG-94, college: Robert Morris)Link510GRobert Morris IL67-123-41-14.350.7013
26Jesse Kempson (201-F-96, college: Indianapolis)Link67FIndianapolis12.314-265-124-74200.712.7
27Norense Odiase (203-C-95, college: Texas Tech)Link68FTexas Tech12.716-331-25-6601.3112.7
28Bridgeport Tusler (180-PG, college: Bethel, MN)Link511GBethel MN5.58-182-84-471.810.312.5
29Tracy Edmond Jr. (178-PG-94, college: Olivet)Link510GOlivet1020-340-00-
30Deontre Brown (185-PG-93, college: W.Georgia)Link61GWest Georgia9.313-250-72-44.31.320.712.3
31Kevin Lewis (181-PG-97, college: Wilmington, OH)Link60GWilmington OH7.39-174-70-242.320.312
32Lance Adams (193-G, college: Great Lakes Chr.)Link64GGreat Lakes Christian10.315-3911-300-
33Davion Parnsalu (180-PG-95, college: Memorial)Link511GMemorial (Canada)7.811-314-135-
34Taylor Boley (188-G-96, college: Judson)Link62GJudson5.76-173-72-462.310.711
35Dylan Phair (185-G-97, college: Indiana Tech)Link61GIndiana Tech10.315-337-124-
36Joel Heesch (188-G, college: Carroll, WI)Link62GCarroll WI47-140-22-
37Ryan Matthews (183-PG)Link60GRobert Morris IL9.314-266-133-44.310.8010.5
38Elijah Henry (201-F-96, college: Millikin)Link67FMillikin7.812-311-76-961.510.510
39Justin Jenifer (178-PG-95, college: Cincinnati)Link510GCincinnati7.68-225-122-
40Colin Jones (198-SF-95, college: Olivet)Link66FOlivet9.712-286-149-1050.70.309.5
41Derek Magnuson (201-C-96, college: Bethel, MN)Link66FBethel MN7.811-293-116-
42Pat Terrell (196-F-90)Link66GFMorton College14.520-5512-356-83200.89.5
43Melvin Collins (196-F/G-96, college: Dickinson St.)Link66GFDickinson State8.39-283-114-670119.3
44Kevin Hayes (201-F-97, college: Kentucky St.)Link66GKentucky State9.517-361-83-
45David Payne (196-F-96, college: Cleveland St.)Link65GFCleveland State8.79-285-173-351.
46Austin Sherrell (201-F-97, college: Kentucky St.)Link67GFKentucky State5.310-251-100-04210.58.3
47Keegan Oyugi (178-PG-94, college: Crown)Link59GCrown College6.37-140-15-9231.308.3
48Zavier Turner (175-PG-94, college: Manhattan, agency: Interperformances)Link59GManhattan9.514-313-97-71.83.3108.0
49Johari Dix (173-PG-97, college: Greenville)Link59GGreenville711-263-113-32.31.810.37.8
50Andrew Russell (202-F-97, college: Wilmington, OH)Link68FWilmington OH59-322-230-
51Martell Miller (180-PG, college: Calumet)Link60GCalumet St. Joseph8.314-312-103-51.531.807.5
52Armani Chaney (178-PG-97, college: Tennessee St.)Link510GTennessee State8.514-325-221-
53Levingston Simon Chandler (201-F, college: Goldey-Beacom)Link67FValparaiso5.38-231-74-53.810.50.56.8
54Mitchell Balser (183-PG-97, college: Wittenberg, agency: Whitecox Lyons SM)Link60GWittenberg711-306-230-02.811.80.36.8
55Otis Dortch (178-PG-96, college: W.Illinois)Link510GWestern lllinois55-133-52-23.310.30.36.7
56Ajibola Oke-Diran (193-G-95, college: Trinity Intern.)Link64GTrinity International7.512-266-130-030.500.36.5
57Skylar Cameron (188-G, college: Wisc.-La Crosse)Link62GUW La Crosse76-273-166-750.71.705.7
58DJ Richardson (193-G-94, college: Central Mo.)Link64gCentral Missouri7.79-252-113-93.3210.35.3
59Elijah Woods (190-G/F-96, college: Wright St. LC)Link63GWright State-Lake6.39-275-162-23.80.5005.3
60Jeremy Ireland (196-F-96, college: Elmhurst)Link66FElmhurst7.39-270-54-750.
61Dontel Highsmith (188-G-94, college: Cleveland St.)Link62GCleveland State56-152-51-12.710.305.0
62Mychele Bullock (190-G-93, college: Midway)Link63GMidway8.813-319-230-
63Korey Williams (175-PG-94, college: Bluefield St.)Link59GBluefield3.86-241-102-
64Joseph Larry (183-PG, college: Calumet)Link60GCalumet St. Joseph8.310-295-130-011.61.603.6
65Gorg Alhag (190-SG-97, college: Mayville St.)Link63GFMayville State3.74-120-63-321.700.33.3
66Tyraze Turner (152-G, college: RMU-Peoria)Link59GRobert Morris IL4.36-160-51-11.31.3002.7
67Jackson Canfield (193-F, college: Bethel, MN)Link64GFBethel MN1.32-171-70-
68Edmond Early (185-G, college: Indiana Tech)Link61GIndiana Tech5.89-335-240-01.810.50.52
69Marvin Cash (191-G/F, college: Truman St.)Link63GFTruman1.51-51-30-
70Brett TrepczykLink63GABA1.51-70-41-11.50.510-0.5


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