700 recently graduate players signed with the agents - June 18, 2019
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Summer is always the most busy time for the players who look for the pro contracts.
It applies especially to just graduated players, who want to take their first steps in pro basketball.
NBA has only 60 openings for newcomers. U.S. based pro and semi-pro leagues have also limited number.
But most of the players who jump from colleges to pro basketball find their first postings overseas.
And the most important step here is to sign with the agent. Currently there are exactly 700 college players who graduated this year and already signed with the agencies.
Not all of the players are required to do it. So we can easily suspect that the number of the players aiming to jump from college to pro basketball only this summer is close to 800.
What are the chances? Way less than half of them will end-up in pro basketball. Many of them will leave the U.S. to try their luck overseas i various leagues and events run by FIBA.
Most of them will stay in the States ending eventually in semi-pro leagues. But in 2-3 years there will be rather a very small group of just 20-25% of the players who graduated this year and who still will be playing competitive basketball.
Eurobasket Summer League added two additional camps this year, in Chicago and Atlanta to allow the players improve their exposure and increase their chances for a pro contract.
Our summer camps helped over 700 players (so far) in their future pro career.

There are 466 agencies, which signed the players out of college this summer.
The agencies which represent the highest number of this season graduated players:

1. One Motive Sports (27 players)
2. BDS Sports (21)
3. SportsFive (18)
4. Two Points (16)
5. You First (15)
6. JCK Sports (14)
7-9. Duran International, GoEmpire Group, Klutch Sports Group (each signed 13 players)
10-11. Beyond Athlete Management, Players Group (each signed 12 players)

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