Las Vegas Eurobasket Summer League: over 100 Overseas and NCAA 1 Players, over 100 Top Small College Prospects - June 22, 2019
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Las Vegas Camps have now reached 100+ D1/Overseas Level Talent and 100+ Small College High Level Prospects. Going to be some great competition at Valley HS during the NBA Summer League! There are still a few spots remaining in each camp. Contact Dustin Simcox at for more info. The 1st camp begins July 5th at Valley HS, 2839 Burnham Ave, Las Vegas, NV. Schedule will be posted July 1st.

Anybody coming to Las Vegas for NBA Summer League or the International Camps are allowed to use our Hotel Discounts at Palace Station Hotel and Casino. Please copy and paste the link below into the URL Browser. You do not need a passport # or Boarding Card #. Just bypass those options on the booking page. Hotel has FREE AIRPORT AND STRIP SHUTTLES. CLICK HERE for reservations.


Brandon Better (190-G, college: Southern Utah)
Leland King II (201-F-95, college: UCSB) Bosnia
Victor Nickerson (203-G/F-92, college: Valpo) Georgia
Dwayne Lathan (190-G-89, college: Indiana St.) China
Darious Clark (190-G-90, college: Slippery Rock) Armenia
Max Guercy (175-PG-94, college: Rice)
Siler Schneider (190-G, college: UC Davis)
Ziyad Frangie (178-PG-95) Lebanon Lebanese
Rodrick Sikes (186-PG-96, college: South Alabama)
Jordan Robertson (190-G-96, college: Colgate)
Brandon Bilbija (208-C-93, college: Mars Hill) Tunisia
Chris Barton (189-G-96, college: Niagara)
Aaron Whitman (193-SF-97, college: Syracuse)
Antonio Balandi (198-F-96, college: Syracuse)
Joshea Singleton (193-F, college: NC A&T)
Torrington Cox (201-F-85, college: King) Iraq
Cinmeon Bowers (201-F-93, college: Auburn) Serbia
Adrian Forbes (211-F/C-88, college: Auburn) Saudi Arabia
Kyle Arseneault (196-F, college: Acadia) Canada
Elijah Minnie (206-G/F-94, college: E.Michigan)
Justin Jenifer (178-PG-95, college: Cincinnati)
Christian Mekowulu (206-F-95, college: Texas A&M)
Elhadji Dieng (211-C-96, college: FIU)
Johnathan Stove (193-G-95, college: La-Lafayette)
Montay Brandon (203-G-93, college: FSU) Indonesia
Frank Bartley IV (190-G-94, college: La-Lafayette) Canada
Kamau Stokes (183-PG-95, college: Kansas St.)
Bryan Alberts (196-G-94, college: Long Beach St.)
TJ Shorts (175-PG, college: GUC Davis)
Branden Jenkins (196-G-94, college: Texas Wesleyan)
Chris Smith (188-G-87, college: Louisville)
Jarred Dixon (190-G-96, college: Missouri St.)
Xavier Eaglin (201-F, college: Prairie View)
Jalin Hart (183-G-95, college: Incarnate Word)
Michael Smith (193-G-95, college: CBU) Mexico
Kwintin Williams (201-F-94, college: Connecticut)
Matt Hart (185-PG, college: GWU) Canada
Tarin Smith (190-G-95, college: Connecticut)
Brandon Newman (193-G-97, college: Lousiana Monroe)
Richard Bivens (206-F, college: FIU)
Eron Harris (190-G-93, college: Michigan St.) Finland
Jerrelle DeBerry (196-G, college: Utah Valley)
Lloyd Burgess (211-C-94, college: FUNC)
Jabari McGhee (201-F-94, college: Austin Peay)
Jordan Naughton (208-F, college: Wyoming)
Armani Branch (198-F-95, college: Norfolk St.)
Eddie Reese (185-PG, college: Southern Univ.)
Keenan Gumbs (196-G, college: Liberty)
Idris Taqqee (193-G-95, college: St. Bonaventure)
Nathan Krill (201-F, college: San Francisco)
Darin Johnson (196-G-95, college: CS Northridge) Mexico
Taishaun Johnson (183-PG-94, college: PVAMU)
Derek Brown (183-PG, college: Portland State)
Namon Wright (196-SG-94, college: Colorado)
Lovell Cabbil (190-G, college: Liberty)
Wesley Myers (185-G-95, college: S. Carolina)
B.J. Tyson (190-G-94, college: East Carolina)
Kenny Bellinger (185-G-92, college: Armstr.Atlantic) Mexico
Mike Parks Jr. (206-F, college: Memphis)
Abdulai Bundu (201-F, college: Quinnipiac)
Bruce Stevens (203-F-96, college: Ole Miss)
Cameron Morse (190-G, college: Youngstown St.)
Antoine Mason (191-G-92, college: Auburn) Puerto Rico
Jeremy Hemsley (190-G, college: San Diego St.)
Akoy Agau (203-F-94, college: Louisville)
Wes Clark (183-PG-94, college: Buffalo) Italy
Dallas Lussier (185-G-93, college: Montana St.)
Musial Gjysma (200-F-96, college: Detroit Mercy)
Connor Jean (188-G-93, college: Loyola Mary.)
Barzin Baban (212-C/F-97) Iranian U19 NT Iranian
Jake Bodway (188-G-95, college: S.Florida)
Cameron Bennerman (193-G-84, college: NC State) France
Torrieo Williams (206-F-90, college: Highland CC) Spain
Justin Philippe (203-F, college: Tex.A&M-Kingsv.)
Akim Mitchell (197-SG-96, college: Hampton)
J.T. Terrell (193-G-91, college: USC) Australia
Iwin Ellis (201-F, college: PVAMU)
Paul Thomas (204-F-96, college: FUTEP)
Valentine Izundu (208-C-95, college: San Diego St.)
Merrill Holden (203-F-93, college: Iowa St) Taiwan
Chad Rykhoek (211-F-93, college: Memhpis)
Daeshon Francis (193-G, college: Texas-PB) Luxembourg
Teven Jones (185-G, college: Union, KY) Costa Rica
Gregoryshon Magee (211-F-90, college: S.Alabama) Saudi Arabia
Marcus Stroman (188-G-96, college: Louisiana Lafayette)
Curtis Washington (208-F-91, college: Georgia St.) Philippines
Chris Jones (182-PG-91, college: Louisville) Mexico
Sean Hough (197-F/G-93, college: Cosumnes River) Mexico
Earl Thompson (195-G/F-93, college: Brandon Univ.) Canada
Marcus Bartley (193-G-95, college: Southenr Illinois)
Troy Thompson (193-G, college: Prairie View)
L.G. Gill (203-F-94, college: Maryland)
DeAllen Jackson (188-PG-94, college: Mount Union) Romania
Xavier Talton (188-G-94, college: Colorado) North Macedonia
Jay Hook (193-G-93, college: Tulane) Chile
Marcale Lotts (201-F-94, college: Canisius)
Kenny Wormley (193-G, college: Hofstra)
Victor Joseph (183-G-96, college: Cal Poly) Slovakia
LJ Booth (207-F/C-94, college: Robert Morris) Georgia
Jahmel Taylor (185-G-94, college: Fresno St.) Mexico
Isaiah Martin (213-C, college: Florida A&M)
Ethan Alvano (185-G, college: CS San Marcos) Philippines
Jeffrey Altidort (191-PG-95, college: Bethune Cookman)
Trency Jackson (188-G-92, college: WKU) Poland


Roddic Ross (201-F, college: Johnson C. Smith)
Jalen Sykes (196-F, college: St. Clair) Canada
Reginald Kissoonlal (211-F-96, college: Marian, IN)
Uchechi Ogbonna (196-F-92, college: Daemen)
Bryan Nagy (201-F, college: Carroll, WI) Australia
Jacob Simonson (192-G-94, college: Rosemont)
Thomas Simien (198-PF-92, college: Multnomah)
Andy Momplaisir (178-PG-91, college: New York Tech)
Frankie Johnson (173-PG, college: Evergreen St.)
Montaque Wright (189-G-96, college: Stevenson)
Steven Bush (190-SG-95, college: Antelope Valley)
Will Patrick (188-G, college: Wilmington, OH)
Brandon Williams (187-G-95, college: Clarion)
Roc Johnson (185-G-95, college: York, NE)
Deion Johnson (188-PG, college: Trevecca Nazarene)
Kwanique Martin (201-F-93, college: Frank Phillips JC)
Kameron Curl (183-PG-93, college: Humboldt St.)
Keion Adams (188-G-96, college: Wilson College)
Patrick Smith (182-PG-93, college: Midwestern St.)
Joseph Boyd (203-F-94, college: San Marcos CS)
Skylar Cameron (188-G, college: Wisc.-La Crosse)
Marcus McQueen (180-PG, college: MidAmerica Ch.)
Seth Warfield (189-G-94, college: Northern New Mexico)
Miguel Rodriguez (185-PG-95, college: Wheeling Jesuit)
Wale Adeyemi (206-F/C-82, college: New Mexico Highlands)
Brett Blackstock (198-F, college: Multnomah)
Braylin Simmons (195-G-95, college: Los Angeles TT)
Tyler Pool (188-G-94, college: Fort Lewis)
Jeremiah Box (196-G/F, college: Emporia St.)
Austin Starr (190-G, college: Univ. of Providence)
Chris English (176-PG, college: Miles)
Tyreece Brice (179-PG-96, college: Saint Leo)
Calvin Chandler (200-F-95, college: Lycoming)
Arinze Obiora (196-F-97, college: UMASS Dartmouth)
Jaylen Hill (193-F-94, college: Voorhees)
Tim Lott (193-G/F-93, college: Dakota Co. Tech)
Charles Trotter (185-PG-94, college: Hope Int.)
Tre Eisenhut (180-PG-96, college: Alaska-Fairb.)
Daniel Rosenbaum (193-G, college: Pomona Pitzer)
D.J. Flippin (198-F, college: Livingstone)
William Donovan IV (186-SG, college: Scottsdale CC)
Calvin Giles (203-F-94, college: Harris Stowe St.)
Rael Windley (192-F/G-97, college: Ohio Christian)
Jimmy Wohrer (189-G-97, college: Puget Sound)
William Newman (185-G-95, college: Colorado St. Pueblo)
Kurt James (196-F-95, college: Valdosta St.)
Roderick Howell (198-F-94, college: N.Greenville)
Kaleb Warner (201-F-95, college: Western Oregon)
Jonathan Lawton (188-G-96, college: Florida Southern)
Gach Gach (193-G-97, college: West Texas A&M)
Brandell Evans (187-G-97, college: Western Oregon)
Jalen Jackson (186-G-96, college: Virginia St.)
Joseph Larry (183-PG, college: Calumet)
Gianmarco Luciani (196-G-95, college: York)
Tyrone Hueitt (198-PF-95, college: LaGrange)
Travis Thompson (198-F-96, college: LaGrange)
Bryant Webb (188-G, college: Felician)
Christian Bayne (188-G, college: San Diego)
Jamani Spencer (183-PG, college: Worcester Poly)
Aaron Berry (183-PG, college: Simpson, CA)
Collin Malcolm (201-F, college: Warner Pacific)
TK Dixson (185-G, college: Midland)
Ryan Atkins (188-G, college: Southeastern Florida)
Corey Boyd (206-C-98)
Keith Smith (186-G, college: CS San Bernardino)
Darren Groves (203-F-95, college: Indiana Tech)
Gjaimeir Stanford (185-G-94, college: Felician)
KJ Malveau (178-PG, college: Oklahoma Wesleyan)
Dimitri Floras (190-G-94, college: Southern NH)
Devin Haid (193-PG-99)
Matt Arrivas (196-F-95, college: San Francisco St.)
Eric Davis (198-G-95, college: Whittier)
Damion King (178-PG-97, college: Thomas More)
McKayle Harnell (193-F-94, college: Las Positas CC)
Jason Walker (183-PG-96, college: William Woods)
William Adams (180-PG-95, college: Rockford)
Marvin Sidon (168-PG-97, college: Penn St. Fayette)
Dylan Mitchell (196-G/F-96, college: Pitt.Bradford)
Xavier Boyd (187-F/G-96, college: Lehman)
Philip Owens II (183-PG-95, college: Virginia St.)
Keith Richardson (170-PG, college: Marietta)
Isaiah Lopez (188-G, college: Jarvis Christian)
Kyle Lord (192-G-98, college: Pierce)
Patrick Johnson-Agwu (195-F-96, college: West Virginia St.)
Vamba Donzo (194-F-93, college: Texas Coll.)
Brice Booker (185-G-92, college: Georgia)
Mychael Kimbrough (188-G-97, college: Crown)
Kevin Lewis (181-PG-97, college: Wilmington, OH)
Kajahn Patton (190-G-97, college: San Diego Mesa)
Evans Ojwang (191-G/F, college: Shoreline)
Jeremiah Stewart (196-G/F-96, college: Rockford)
Marquise Williams (201-F/C-95, college: Oklahoma S&A)
Dylan Hamlett (203-F-97, college: George Fox)
Corey Hammell (198-F-94, college: Alaska-Anch.) Ireland
Justin Eisen (183-G-96, college: Cal Maritime)
Ryan DiCanio (190-G-97, college: Loras)
Austin Carlson (203-F, college: Finlandia)
Brian Garrett (193-G, college: Monterey Bay)
DeVante' Anderson (190-G, college: Clafin)
Marion Jenkins (193-G, college: Denmark Tech)
DJ Henderson (183-PG, college: Southeastern Oklahoma St.)
Macano Nwachukwu (190-G, college: Lehman)
Chris English (176-PG, college: Miles)
Blake Brown (202-F-95, college: Rochester)
Devon Camel (183-PG-97, college: D'Youville)
Khalil Thompson (178-PG-96, college: Mid.America Christian)
Frank Rokins (192-G-96, college: West Chester)
Tyson Kygar (183-SG-94, college: San Marcos)
Sami Bzai (190-G-94, college: Southeastern Oklahoma St.)
Jaylen Hill (193-F-94, college: Voorhees)
Joshua Lee (183-G-94, college: Queensborough)
Mamadou Sakho (192-G-93, college: Hunter)
Malik Montoya (190-G-96, college: Central Washington)
Chris Spratling (201-C-95, college: Berea)
Mateo Jones (190-G-95, college: Monterey Bay)
Demba Thimbo (216-C)
Terrill Rose (211-F/C-90, college: Tennessee Temple)
Rahim Williams (198-G, college: Shaw) Canada
Simon Green (183-PG-96, college: Queens, NY)
Philip Hines (206-C, college: Tougaloo)
Mychal Deas (190-F, college: Presentation)
Alonzo Taylor (190-G, college: Holy Names)
Christian Drayton (206-F, college: Antelope Valley)
Erik Lind (196-G, college: Notre Dame de Namur)
Kam Rowan (183-PG, college: Emporia St.)
Tyre Gathright (193-G, college: St. Augustine)


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