Potential Impact of Summer Leagues on NBA Rosters - June 28, 2019
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Just because the major club basketball seasons have come to an end doesn't mean that the basketball itself is poised to stop. Plenty of important basketball is taking place during the summer, with summer leagues around the world allowing players to showcase their skills so that teams can consider them in their future plans. With leagues from the NBA to those in Europe looking for talent constantly, this could be the most important part of the year for players with developing careers.

Potential impact for NBA rosters

The NBA is the pinnacle of basketball, with many of the best players in the world playing there. And some of the success stories in the NBA have come from summer leagues, including the NBA Summer League. One such example is Kevin Knox of the New York Knicks. Drafted in the first round in 2018 by the team, Knox was given his first chance to prove himself in the Summer League. And with a dominant run in Las Vegas, Knox laid the groundwork for a successful rookie campaign in New York.

In fact, Knox played well enough in his first season with the Knicks that he is still considered a part of the team's future going forward despite the looming changes with the team's roster. With the Knicks expected to add multiple top-tier players in the offseason, NBA Finals and NBA betting odds have improved for the Knicks heading into next season before they've acquired even one player. In spite of the looming changes to their team, though, the Knicks have made it clear that Knox will be a part of the equation. His run through the Summer League certainly didn't hurt his case.

Summer Leagues getting stronger

In addition to the success stories of individual players in the Summer League, the increased media attention surrounding summer leagues around the world have helped increase the quality of competition as a whole. The NBA is a perfect example of this, as the continued presence of all the league's teams in the Summer League will be joined by the Chinese and Croatian national teams in 2019.

Those teams will feature some experienced players, which will be great experience for the teams who get to face them during the preliminary rounds of the competition. The addition of those teams provides a nice balance of young talent on the NBA rosters and more seasoned talent on the international rosters, to give the NBA hopefuls some experience against the type of competition they could be facing either in the NBA or internationally if they end up taking their careers abroad to start out.

No matter where the players end up, though, the experience gained in summer leagues is invaluable. And depending on the level of competition each player ends up taking on, there is a strong possibility that a player can take some valuable lessons from their summer games. They can then turn them into success on the court as they look to jump-start a professional basketball career.

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