The Competitive Path to Becoming A Professional Basketball Player - June 28, 2019
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In the United States, basketball is one of the toughest and most competitive sports to not only become professional in but to also build a career based on longevity and continued growth. Making a name for yourself can be incredibly tricky, especially with the sport being as vastly popular as it is. While there is no easy route to success, in a period spanning across 11 years, the Eurobasket Summer League (ESL) has developed a program which has resulted in over 700 attendees progressing to participate in competitive basketball either in the United States or in other leagues across the world.

As so many rising stars have found success through the ESL's strict criteria program, we take a look at the difficulties in reaching the very top level of the sport and some of the successful athletes to come through the summer league route.

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In America alone, there are over 26 million people who play basketball, and the reality of the situation is that not every single one is destined to go on and become a professional. In seeking to narrow down the potential candidates, the ESL only works with those where the prospect of developing into a player capable of participating at the highest level is a legitimate possibility. Following a process of screening, the ESL strives to bring in the highest level of competition possible through the recruitment of levels varying from All-Americans to current professionals.

One of the success stories of the summer league process is Dionte Adams. The forward, born in June of 1994, was one of the 739 former ESL players to make it in professional basketball. Adams, formerly of the Hampton Pirates, played 89 games for the side now fifth in the Big South standings and scored 226 points across his four seasons with the Pirates. Much like Adams, other stars such as Chris McHenry, Jonathan Huffman and Phillip Jones went on to compete at the college level after making the most of the summer league opportunity as amateurs.

Of the aforementioned 2.6 million, more than 480,000 hopefuls compete as NCAA athletes. However, of that number, very few go on to make the jump to the professional level. While going all the way requires dedication and hard work, opportunities such as that provided by the ESL offers young, aspiring athletes with a platform to find their feet in the world of basketball. Although proving your worth and talent is hardly easy, the importance of being given an opportunity in the highly competitive basketball scene should not be understated.

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