Dear Coaches,

If you are scouting this summer for that perfect player for your international or professional team please attend the ESL in one of our locations.

This summer the ESL will have events in Chicago, IL,New York, NY,Atlanta, GA,Dallas, TX,Las Vegas, NV and Las Vegas, NV
Our success has been due to our strict criteria of screening player applications.
Only players with professional experience or significant success during their college career will be granted entry to the ESL.
Players at the NAIA or NCAA Division II level will be either All Conference or All American performers.
All of our NCAA Division I players will be All Conference performers or a starters who made significant contributions on the respective teams.
The ESL is for only players who have the ability or potential to play professional basketball either internationally or in the United States.

Please take a few moments to fill out the following information, should you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us for some assistance.

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