Location: New York, NY
May 25-27, 2019
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Cost: $499 (Early Bird Deadline for $100 discount is April 1st), Registration only requires $99 payment (plus tax) to secure Early Bird Discount of $399. Remaining amount is due upon arrival at the gym on the 1st day of camp.

Example of Krossover Technology Camp Breakdown

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Cost: $499 (Early Bird Deadline for $100 discount is April 1st)

Location: Golden Dome at Rutgers University Newark

Designed for players looking to play in ANY COUNTRY OVERSEAS. Countries located in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the Middle East are all included. 529 former Eurobasket camp players active on pro rosters in 84 different countries in 2018/19 season.
Times: Player Schedule is sent 2 weeks prior to Camp.
Hotels are NOT INCLUDED in the price of the camp. However, the Eurobasket Summer League offers registered players exclusive 15-30% discounts on a range of local hotels.
Please follow this link to book your hotel room at the Bestwestern near Rutgers University Newark's Golden Dome:

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Camp Details:
All Games will feature Krossover Technology to provide advanced Statistics and Analytics. This technology will allow teams to see full box scores, efficiency, defensive metrics, shooting charts, and detailed analysis of your play offensively and defensively. Click here for an example of Krossover Statistics and Analytics.
Featuring a Youtube online stream with ability to reach all teams, not just the ones able to come in person. There are over 5,000 teams in the world. Don’t limit yourself to just a handful of teams. The online stream has received over 125,000 views in the last 3 years.
Krossover Technology will create offensive basket highlight tape for each individual player. Click here for a example of Krossover Offensive Basket Highlight Tape.
529 players from past ESL Camps were on Pro Rosters to begin the 2018/2019 season in a combined 84 different countries. No camp can compete in contract opportunities.
Social Media Marketing through Instagram (@eurobasketsl2019), Twitter (@eurobasketSL), and Facebook (/simcox.dustin),
Run by NBA/WNBA/FIBA Certified Agent Dustin Simcox and WCL Sports Management, allowing us to market you before, during, and after the event to get you a contract.
Last year team representatives from 42 different countries attended at least one of our ESL events in 2018.
Eurobasket is the biggest name and biggest company in international basketball. Our staff allows us to reach more teams and more opportunities for our players. Every team and every coach uses our website to gather information on all players, teams, and leagues.
Film is provided within 2 days of the event at no cost. You will have full access to all of the footage from the entire event via youtube. Players names and #'s are visible on video for teams to recognize each individual.
The first day is run like a practice to get you acclimated to the gym, the FIBA balls, the staff, and the other players. The second and third days are strictly the game portion of the event where you get multiple 40 minute games to showcase your abilities. There is a maximum of 9 players on a team to ensure substantial playing time for all players. A minimum of 3 games will be played.
The games are run with certified referees, pre-set substitutions that assure equal playing time, and no foul outs so you don’t have to worry about losing time to foul trouble.
Teams will be coached by an international scout, coach, or Eurobasket staff member

Camp Video Examples:
Note: All tests and drills are identical for both Men and Women
Practice Session Transition Example (3on2, 2on1 and Miami): Click Here
Practice Session Individual Defense Example: Click Here
Practice Session 3on3 Example: Click Here
If you have any questions please email Dustin Simcox at or call 330-958-3245

New York

Golden Dome, Rutgers University

The ESL over the past 11 years have featured over 700 players who attended our league that went on and played professionally in a variety of leagues around the world.
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Our success has been due to our strict criteria of screening players and the overwhelming attraction to the Eurobasket brand. We strive to bring in as many All-Americans, current professionals, and recent professional players to compete in our summer league. This will provide the best evaluation for you to determine the player’s ability. NCAA I, II, III, and NAIA players will all be represented to fulfill all levels of professional basketball.

The ESL is for players who have a legitimate opportunity to be successful at the professional level either internationally or in the United States.