ESL Free Draft

In 2019, the Eurobasket Summer League will feature professional coaches, scouts, and staff members that will be in attendance at the camps an opportunity to draft players into the ESL camps. The draft has absolutely no cost to enter for players and selected players will receive FREE ENTRY into the ESL. Players should not have to pay for an opportunity to be in the draft without a guarantee of being selected.

ESL will take place at Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Dallas, Las Vegas, and the Women’s Final 4 in Tampa. There are currently (as of January 10th, 2019) 603 former ESL players on pro teams that cover 85 different countries. The camps will feature practices with professional coaches and a minimum of three full 40 minute FIBA ruled games. ESL has partnered with Krossover Technology, a cutting edge statistical company that will provide full data, statistical, and advanced analytics of every player and game in the camp. The stats will be available for all players and scouts to see via our website. Krossover will also create a Free highlight tape of each player at the camp along with free access to all game footage via Youtube.

We do not make players pay for film. We do not make players pay to be in a draft. We provide the best service for players to become professionals. Our numbers and track record continue to prove that. If you would like to be considered for the draft, please fill out the information below and a Eurobasket staff member will be in contact with you for more details!