Top 5 of Eurobasket Summer League in Brooklyn, New York! - June 30, 2014
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This was a great group of guys here in Brooklyn, New York and everyone worked hard throughout the event. This particular group of guys played together and competed each day making the selection process for the MVP and All-Star team very difficult. None the less, the coaches have based their decisions on the following: professionalism, character, being on time for practice, workouts, games, total effort and finally, the statistics produced during the 3 day event.

MVP-Brian Wanamaker (190-G-89, college: Texas Wesleyan) was unstoppable in the championship game and competed each and every day he was here in New York. Brian is a big time athlete who can damage other teams in a lot of ways. Brian has a nice shooting touch stretching it out to the NBA line and is a big guard who is great at absorbing contact and still finishing around the rim. He is also a fantastic ball handler who will be an excellent wing at the next level. Brian can defend multiple positions, rebounds extremely well and will be a major match-up problem for smaller guards. Look for Brian to head back to Germany this season.

Ramel Anderson (184-G) is an excellent wing man who can score in bunches from anywhere on the floor.
He has a deep shooting range and can pull up off the pass or dribble without needing a lot of space to shoot. Ramel has a high basketball IQ and is a good leader on the floor. Ramel is strong guard who can rebound well and defend. Look for Ramel to play in an entry level position overseas this season.

Andrew McCarthy (215-C-91, college: Massachusetts) is an excellent athlete who is great around the post using either hand and is a fantastic finisher in traffic and in transition. Andrew is a tremendous shot blocker, he runs the floor extremely well and competes at a very high level. Andrew has a very high celing and without a doubt both will be playing in the NBA D-League this season.

Sean McCarthy (208-C-90) is a good athlete and great post player who can shoot out to the elbow, face people up and use both hands around the basket. Sean is also a tremendous shot blocker, runs the floor well and competes at a very high level. Sean has a very high celing and without a doubt both will be playing in the NBA D-League this season.

Kevin Gray (183-PG-91) was the first player here at practice every single day, waiting for us to open the doors. Kevin worked extremely hard these three days and is a strong point guard with a lot of skills. Kevin is a great on and off the court leader who can shoot out to NBA range and can defend 94 feet. Kevin sees the floor well and has a high basketbll IQ. Kevin will play this season at the entry level of Europe or Australia.

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